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Interviewing: Ronnie Brihm

Song : Flex
Hip hop
This song is about having a good time and vibe. It was written after I left the gym. I’m a hip hop artist from Columbus Ohio. Been recording for 5 years starting I singing in elementary when I joined the choir and fell in love with music. The song flex was inspired while I was working on another song when the course for that song came to me and stuck.

The song inspires me. I makes me want to go after my dreams until they become a realityThe song was recorded at Urban Development studios. My personal creative process varies depending on what type of song I’m trying to write for example flex I was in a calm setting but my mood was motivated to go after my goals.



New album…
 You can expect a good vibe chill atmosphere. This album is significant to me because it depicts my life as an art while painting the picture of my success and failure.

I live in Columbus Ohio….
The music scene in my town is very competitive yet social

Music business…
I love the music business. Some of the pros I have experienced was building relationships with other artists. I have not had many cons

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Jay z. I admire him because he is business savvy he turned a record label into an empire.

Social media :
IG loki_z1
Facebook: Bxo Ronnie
Twitter: LoKi_z1


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