(Behind The Music) Shay-D Kid on Make Money (Feat. Killah K)

(Behind The Music) Shay-D Kid on Make Money (Feat. Killah K)


I wanted to have some fun, get creative and do a little back and forth arrangement with my good friend Keshaun. It also encompasses a theme representative of today’s rap market which is ‘all about the paper’ & ‘Making Money’. Not to mention the song also allowed me to shift lanes a little and experiment with my style-  @ShayD_Kid

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SHY-D KID
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Got my start in the music business coming up on a year now –
after dropping my debut track ‘Twisted’. I had been writing music since I was about 15 secretly and just did ‘rap battles’ at school at lunch with friends. It wasn’t until my dad scored PITT seats for the ‘Monster Tour’ in Detroit to see Eminem in 2014 that changed my life! The opportunity to see my idol in concert, checking out 8 mile, the neighbourhood where he grew up and getting a glimpse of his new crib… just a trip I’ll never forget! While driving back to Canada my dad mentioned he was going to write me a (rap) song about the experience, I laughed and said “yeah right”! Well a few months later he shocked me with it!

The song comprised of the months leading up to the concert,
him gaining an understanding of Eminem’s music and his creative genius, the concert itself and the events after packaged into one memorable composition! At that moment I decided I wasn’t going to keep my stories hidden and would pave a lane making music with a vibe, delivery and sound for listeners wanting something a little different. I recall reading an interview with Riggs Morales by Hit Quarter’s from January 2005 when he was the A&R for Shady Records where he stated that “Everyone has the same story, I’m from the street, shit is real, bla-di-bla, bla-di-bla, but nobody has a unique perspective”… well I’m that unique perspective! I don’t come from the streets nor is it a prerequisite in order to write Hip Hop! Although, Morales is correct when he says “Hardship breeds talent” but the reality is everyone has problems so a person’s wealth or where he or she lives doesn’t necessarily make those problems or struggles any less painful. Hip Hop is evolving and has branched out, which is evident considering my 45 year old father and businessmen in their suits were all jamming to Eminem & Rihanna!

Make Money (Feat. Killah K)

‘Make Money’ is a ‘feel good’, ‘party’, ‘turn-up track’
that I wanted to have some fun with, get creative and do a little back and forth arrangement with my good friend Keshaun. It also encompasses a theme representative of today’s rap market which is ‘all about the paper’ & ‘Making Money’… so why not write a song about it. Not to mention the song also allowed me to shift lanes a little and experiment with my style.


With my music you can expect to hear a lot of diversity
providing people with something new each & every time. From turn-up tracks like ‘Make Money’, to more aggressive sounds and tracks offering a softer-side of Shay-D Kid. Lots of variety.


I live in Mississauga, Ontario
a suburb just outside Toronto, Canada and my introduction to Hip Hop was very fast as I’m only 17! I’ve released just three singles which contain some explicit content so I can only perform at bars and nightclubs which can be difficult – so we’re currently navigating and looking at opportunities to start that aspect of my career. Therefore, to answer the question (because of my age) I don’t have much first-hand experience or grasp on the ‘scene’. Though Toronto is definitely trending in ‘The Six’ considering Drake’s success & also now with OVO’s presence!

After being in the business for almost a year now
I can say the industry is very complex with many different facets not to mention expensive! Clearly social media plays a huge role & has a massive presence and without question it’s a process so I stay committed, stay focused, work hard, love what I do, be great at it and let the process lead to success.

Hands down the biggest positive thus far has been the ability to express myself!
Laying down bars, putting my pen to paper is something I need to do! It’s also awesome to see how much people enjoy my music and getting their messages on social media is very rewarding. The experience has been unreal and I don’t look at things negatively though the learning process part of the business can be somewhat overwhelming at times.

I really don’t see the struggles I’m confronted as struggles,
rather more as an educational experience and again part of the process. The fact remains if you don’t struggle you won’t learn and if you don’t learn you won’t succeed. I’ve read articles and spoken to people who say the music business has changed but the reality is I’ve only just entered into it so it’s all I know!

I’d love to have 5 minutes alone with Eminem.
Ever since I was introduced to hip hop I’ve had a strong connection with his lyrics. I’d like to see how he gets inspired to write and the process of his writing style. His wide range of compositions from funny to serious and happy to furious is amazing. But one of the main reasons I’m inspired by Em is the fact how he can inspire millions of people within the time span of 5 minutes. He is able to turn something you feel as a weakness into strength. I want to know how he did it and how his motivation made him better at what he does. Anytime I need to be lifted up, anytime I want to change my mood, and anytime I want to be taken to my own world, I turn on his music.

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