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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SIRENS HARBOR
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Members are:
Julia Franye: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Lea Kieber: Chello, Vocals
Ophelia O.: Vocals, Keyboards
Michael “Funky” Funk: Guitars, Vocals
Oliver Zopf: Percussion, Vocals
Wolfgang R. Zissler: Vocals, Violin, Guitar, Merlin, Percussion

Person Interviewing: Wolfgang R. Zissler

This Bumpy Road
Music Genre: Pop / Folk / Rock / World Music
This Bumpy Road“ is a country-folk-love song with a twinkle in one’s eye. Oliver, who’s written this tune, ment that there are to many „schmaltzy songs“ about love. It’s rebellious and funny.

The vocal arrangements where done „on the fly“ with Julia, Lea and Ophelia doin’ an awesome job.

Link: Our songs a sold on all major platforms, like,,

Our CD, Pardon Me For Jumping In…
contains 13 original songs and one cover song played with a lot of different instruments and six strong voices. We use acoustic- and electric-guitars, violin, chello, a lot of different percussion, keyboard and Merlin. On our album you can find diverse styles ranging from Pop, Folk and Rock to World Music. The topics of our songs vary from love of course (the good and the bad aspects) to funny and danceable tunes as well as socio-critical themes and revolutionary ideas.

the capital of Austria is our hometown, which is better known for classical music (Mozart, Beethoven …). But there´s a strong and vibrant music scene from Singer-Songwriter to Trashmetal, Jazz, Hip Hop & R’n B.

Music Business…
First of all music should be a matter of the heart. But worldwide music business is ruled by a few majors making it hard to get heard if you are an independent band. Nevertheless we are lucky to work in our own professional studio giving us artistical freedom. Austrian radiostations are pretty much so called „format-radio“ playing the same 200 hit songs all day round, showing a poor rate of Austrian music.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
One person that I definitely would have liked to meet is german novelist Erich Maria Remarque (22. June 1898 – 25. September 1970 / Author of: All Quiet on the Western Front). Reading his books inspired me starting to write and make a career as a journalist and chief-editor for more than thirty years.


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