{Behind The Music} Somebody Else Grounds Eye

{Behind The Music} Somebody Else Grounds Eye

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“Success is to set a goal and accomplish it. Success to me would be to have our own Woodstock!” – @SomebodyElse_D

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SOMEBODY ELSE
by Jacqueline Jax

My Beginning…
When I was 16 I was invited to a friends studio to do a hook. I didn´t really think, that I would get into music and then later, at the age of 27 I was at a place called Burger Bar in Atlanta, Georgia, a guy walked up to me and said, that I would be a singer and a songwirter and who would have known that some people are actual future tellers…

Grounds Eyes…
After hards days of working and feeling I was taken advantage of by the people I worked with in music at this time. I wanted to get away for a couple of days and so I looked for work outside of Berlin only to find a man by the name Benoit. I did some work for him on his farm and when I was done I laid down on the ground , reflekting on everything and then it hit me: the question: have you ever seen your live through the eyes of the ground beeing stepped on by walking around. The funny thng that happened was that Tino (the producer and keyboard player of Somebody Else) had the other half of the song (the music) and it instanty worked together!

I live in the city of Berlin and I love to do music and films. Berlin is a city where artists can really cultivate themselves.

What’s your secret to managing and organizing an 8 piece band. What are the advantages?
Tino Kowalewsky does that, And he like it: 8 young people bring a lot of different ideas., And we can play live the same as it is on the album. The whole rhythm section, brass, just everything!

Do you follow music trends?
To be honest: we dont really care about all of that. We make music based on how we feel and what we like for that day and song. We do it exactly the way WE like it. In the end this feels good!

Success is…
to set a goal and accomplish it. Success to me would be to have our own Woodstock!

What’s Ahead..
The sky is no limit!

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