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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Song name: “Bang Bang”
Music Genre: Folk-rock-pop; easily accessible music
The song is about a girl who`s very unlucky, but at the same time very cool. She often forgets things, such as her keys, where she parked her car, etc. She`s always late but tries to appear checked and cool in life – and also in her love life. Although she gives up when her boyfriend blows her off again and again, and then she decides to leave him… The story of her life…. she can´t find the tickets when she arrives at the airport. But this time it wasn’t herself who had thrown something away. The song is inspired by Denise – the oldest daughter in the band.


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Our songs tell stories from our own lives openly and honestly. How it is to be family, for better or worse – we´ve discovered that it is not always a bed of roses and that there are many challenges to make it work. We would like to share our experiences with others and create a kind of openness and proximity. Music is a wonderful way to express ourselves; our music contains songs that put people in the different moods that one can experience. We write all our songs to express different angles, depending on whether you are mom, dad, parents, teenager, etc.

We live in Denmark. ..
It is very difficult if you want to play your own music only for a living unless you are very famous. Therefore some of us also play with other or teach in music, e.g. I have been living by singing but when we decided to jump all in on Straw, we had to begin over again. Straw is an upcoming band and although it´s almost impossible to be added and played on Danish national radio, we have succeeded in having several of our songs added to the radios. The local radio stations are always nice to us as well.

Music business…
It is an incredibly exciting industry but there are many good musicians and bands out there, and the competition is intense. You must be aware that it takes hard work if you want to grow your music, and therefore you need a will, desire and drive. The music industry has changed significantly over the past 20 years due to social media, which, among other things, has meant that more new artists have been given the opportunity to be listened to. In the past, there were only few radio and TV stations which made it possible to reach the listeners, and without a record company you were lost. As an artist today you need to be your own record company and have a full creative team around the band to go anywhere.

You have to create the videos, recordings, press releases, posters, everything to build a full show. And you still have to keep up with new songs, practice your voice, instruments, rehearse as a band, and create a great show. and it’s necessary to have good business partners who believe in your hard work and the music, publicist, booking agent, etc. We are extremely happy that our music is being played on radio stations/shows around the world. There are many amazing radio shows out there that are willing to expose independent musicians and their new music. Thus, one of our goals has been met.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Fantastic question – and I (Carsten) have no doubt who that person would be: I would like to talk to Timothy B. Schmidt (from the group, the Eagles) to ask what he thinks are the most important things Straw can do, to achieve the same quality of vocals and songs that he and the Eagles did. I would, of course, ask if he’d be our manager for a couple of days 🙂 – I know that he´s extremely hard-working – and I know that we will follow that track. And if you ask the others the same question in Straw, you´ll get another answer. Today I was the lucky one 😉


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