{Behind The Music} THE SAVILLES on Sunrise

{Behind The Music} THE SAVILLES on Sunrise


is about a love story that had just begun. As I walk through the streets of Toronto in the ‘Sunrise’ music video, I paint a story through the viewer’s mind of how the love story came to be.”@savillesthe

Live Interview June 1 at 6pm et
Episode #328 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW THE SAVILLES
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Interviewing: Meagan Brittanie – Vocals Nathan Finucci – Drums Adam Camick – Guitar James Muehmer – Bass

Music has always been…
the one thing that can help me through any situation. Music is the driving force, which allows us to share our musical creation with the world and motive others. Nate and I were eager to find musicians who shared the same passion for music as we did and we’re fortunate to have found James and Adam along the way to help with our music endeavor.

is about a love story that had just begun. As I walk through the streets of Toronto in the ‘Sunrise’ music video, I paint a story through the viewer’s mind of how the love story came to be. The song was actually the first song THE SAVILLES had ever created. The song began with a drumbeat created by Nate; he sent recordings to Adam before he first started jamming with us to see what Adam could come up with. Adam came back with a guitar riff, which became the guitar signature sound on the ‘Sunrise’ track and then I came up with the first verse. A week later James, a friend of Nate’s, decided to come sit in during a practice and we finished the song all together as one.

Support the artist, buy the song on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/the-savilles-ep/id1108746990 

the_savillesThe Music…
We’ve just released our self-titled EP Friday, May 6th along with our music video ‘Sunrise’, which is a single off our debut EP. We’ve focused most of our time on marketing the video though social media platforms and have had over 31k views on Facebook. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this EP and want nothing more but for others to share it and enjoy what we’ve created. This EP was meant to listen to and get out of your head for a moment and enjoy the summer feels, while you’re driving down that freeway. If we could accomplish one thing from this EP being created it would be an opportunity to play summer music festivals and get our name out there as much as we can!

The Savilles - Sunrise

THE SAVILLES are based out of Toronto …
and the music scene is quite strong and relevant. Many Indie bands like ourselves are playing the music circuit here in Toronto at local venues such as: The Horseshoe Tavern, The Lee’s Palace and Sound Academy. We’ve been privileged enough to play at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern twice this year. The one thing we enjoy doing when we’re not performing is having a beer or two and watching local acts do what they love in the city. Watching other artists in the city helps us establish what’s happening in the music scene and what to look out. Essentially, as a band, we try to learn what new bands are doing to help improve our LIVE performances and overall sound.

Music business…
is just that; a business. The best way to tackle the industry is to treat your music as a product and market it as such. You shouldn’t change your style or record a pop-ier album just because that’s what’s marketable, but you should be aware of whom your target audience is, how best to get your music to them, and how to properly sustain your music career based off of the audience you DO have. We’re lucky enough to be both radio friendly and (as far as our fans on social media go) not limited to any particular demographic. That right off the bat is a solid pro for THE SAVILLES.

Another pro to our business side of things are the unique backgrounds each member brings to the table. Meg has worked in the industry doing A&R, social media, and marketing for Canadian artists, so she has been a well of connections to jump start the momentum of the band.

James has a background in graphic design and webpage development which has come into play for everything from album art to show posters to the website…

Nate has a bit of a financial background so he deals with a lot of the management and logistics.

Adam is the solid creative who’s always developing new ideas and getting the ball rolling on new material.
Apart from the venues that choose not to pony up the dough owed to the bands at the end of gigs, we’ve not experienced too many cons to the industry. THE SAVILLES have just tackled the scene head on and the momentum just seems to be growing and growing!

Social media…
has helped increase our numbers through our platforms immensely and the amount of views on our video has gone up exponentially through using Facebook and Youtube. It is very beneficial when it comes to band exposure. You need to keep on top of constantly posting to your audience. Create that online relationship with your followers to keep them wanting more of what you have to offer as an artist. The only challenge that arises when dealing with social media and marketing is the money you’ll need to put into marketing. If you don’t invest in yourself why would anyone else want to?

Singles vs an album…
The current market for most developing bands seems to be singles driven. The market moves way to fast for your average group to spend the time it takes developing a full decent album (tracks, art, promo shots, etc.) and still hold the attention of fans. With the exception of the music giants (your Radiohead and Coldplay type groups), listeners lose interest in bands quite quickly if they have to wait too long for new material.

This has led us to invest a bit more effort into videos (we’re currently getting to work on our second one!) to keep the tracks relevant while we work on the next record. We released the EP as a whole, but the tracks are each getting a spotlight as the videos come out intermittently.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Ludwig van Beethoven, but only with Arnold Schwarzenegger present as the translator. Apart from both discussing the endless list of achievements both parties have/had accomplished over their lives, and being able to experience the sheer colossal force of being in the same room as both of these people at once, the scenario has just too many potential hilarious and absurd outcomes to pass… A complete hypothetical but totally worth the thought!

Do you find that there is too much emphasis on being current and trendy…
You certainly want to stay on top of things to ensure that you don’t get passed over for the next group coming your way, but again that comes back to knowing your audience and playing your cards right to keep them interested.

I am most afraid of…
The biggest thing we can all agree on is missing opportunities. Missing out on opportunities that can benefit us in any way that we might be overlooking or not paying attention to, until it’s too late. I don’t ever want it to be too late.

Success is…
feeling accomplished and fulfilled with what you are destined to do. Some people may never find that fulfillment in their lives, while others are gifted right from when they were born. It all depends on what you do with your talent and if your lucky enough to discover it and share it at a young age. As a group we are proud of finding one another and being able to play the stages of Toronto, such as The Horseshoe Tavern, which is one of most legendary music venues in the GTA. Before no body knew who we were and the most we’ve ever played was at local open mics or at a family get together. Now we’re playing shows on a big stage in front of 100+ people that isn’t our family and friends. It’s a great feeling and defiantly considered a success in our eyes.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
The goal of this journey that we are on with The Savilles is to entertain the masses and get our music heard for the world to enjoy. We get a thrill of doing what we love and want every listener to be able to take something away from each song and create a connection. If we are able to inspire people by doing exactly what we love doing, I think our overall goal would be complete.

3 Ways that I challenge myself…

1) Self-discipline – To dedicate yourself to your goal and not let anything get in the way of it, even if it means to miss out on having fun. You’ll have fun later.

2) Motivation – Pushing yourself to new limits and exceeding your own expectations.

3) Positivity – Keeping an open mind and not letting anything or anyone misguide you when focusing on your goal.

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