{Behind The Music} UniversalDice on Honestly

{Behind The Music} UniversalDice on Honestly

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Gerry Dantone
Bob Barcus
Ed Canova
Walt Sargent
Vin Crici

Interviewing: Gerry Dantone

Song name: Honestly
Music Genre/ category : Classic Rock (this song is part of a 16 song rock opera, “birth, love, hate, death”)

In this song (as part of the rock opera), ‘Danielle” asks the age-old question, “Honestly, Do you really love me?”. As is typical for UniversalDice, the answer is not simple or cliche. He’s NOT sure, and he hopes he is doing the right thing. In the final stanza she gets her answer from “the son”:


I don’t know what love is,
Or the meaning of this
Don’t know what I’m doing
I hope I’m not using
I’ve never said these words before
I’ve never hurt right to the core
I’m shaking with each step I take
If this is love, judge what I do
Do I make your dreams all come true?
Do I make you feel glad that you’re awake?
And every night I have with you
I say this honestly
And every night I have with you
I say this honestly”

Link : https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/universaldice

New album…
This is much more realistic and down to earth collection of songs about love and relationships than you would typically find. There is no glamour, no romanticizing of this relationship, few illusions. It is not “edgy,” “trendy” or it is not what you expected to hear in a classic rock setting. I wanted to write a story and songs that more people could relate to that feature articulate but imperfect people. I also wanted to write something that would always sound good and mean something, not just in the near future, but for years to come. There is a lot of care taken on the arrangement s and we wanted to make sure there was plenty of dynamics and “drama” within the songs.


The band is on Long Island, New York…
and although there is a music scene here, it has become increasingly more difficult to promote original music. Since it has become much easier and affordable to record your tunes, there is a massive amount of new music for the consumer to sift through, of wildly varying quality. It is difficult to break through the noise.


Music business..
I was an employee of MTV Networks in the past and I have a bit of experience in the field so I have seen this business from a couple of angles. As a performer, talent is simply not enough. Much more important is commitment and the ability to work at self-promotion full-time. If you have any responsibilities, such as a children, a mortgage, etc., the music business may not be ideal when it comes to making a living and this may prevent some deserving artists from achieving recognition. It is almost impossible nowadays to be successful by just releasing great music. Performing and promotion are almost more important than the art of music.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
I did not expect this question and what came to mind immediately were only 2 people; Barack Obama and Paul McCartney.


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