{Behind The Music} Vicious Assassin on AMPED UP

{Behind The Music} Vicious Assassin on AMPED UP

Vicious Assassin indie artists musician

I can see the looks on peoples faces when they hear my music… when they ask did I write my movies or songs alone. It’s nice to hear that I made there day. ” – @viciousassassin

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Episode #323 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2016/05/12/episode-323-ava-live-radio-behind-the-music-with-jacqueline-jax

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

My rap group is called MACADACIUS…
My stage name is Vicious Assassin (age 34), my sons name is Verse Venom (age 12) Mink Da Jedi (fictional 77 age)

Lonely and sad I started writing one thousand songs, movies, stand up comedy, poetry…  age nine. First influence was the M.J.

is about changing life from boring to happy. It’s like I’ve been struck by lighting and shocked so everyone I touch is AMPED UP! My son, camera man and mom in video.
The cd will be finished in December…
You are all invited to the cd release party! I will be performing live songs like GEWY LIKE A MARSHMALLOW, TWERK N WIME etc., about 15 songs plus skits (comedy, poetry…)
Promoting music is difficult…
I have been exposed to scam after scam. Leave it in Jesus’s hands, sponsors will come, let my music speak for its self.  This should be one of the biggest unsigned artist CD ever!
I live a boring life…
I don’t go to clubs or hang out spots. I work security 7 days a week but, just like I’m on the radio with A.V.A,  I submit my music and sometimes I get feed back. I’m on 95.5 fm on coast 2 coast all the time with AMPED UP! and on 96.1 fm sak passe radio with my song Twerk N’ Wine. I’m on world wide cable tv diaspo cable box and also on reverbnation with around 1300 fans world wide. Still with all the work, I never made income besides one song I sold. So typically being a single Dad, I only hang out with my son. No girlfriend yet, but looking.
How am I over coming the problems…
Well first I wanted to say Oprah and Steve Harvey give advice about becoming successful. They both say things like ” Don’t sleep, don’t relax, enjoy the journey, instead of praying to God… God says he is waiting on me, no one on earth is ever gonna help me at all, I must do it all alone, I may die in the process so hurry up and make the cd or movie so they can enjoy me while I’m dead…” others used tupac as an example.
My answer to all of this is, if i know I sent out music and it’s not delivered or no one is answering me; or even messages that i get from fans are erased! I know its not me, there are people who ask me to join there groups and I said no. They have power and many of my things are hacked. So I am just working and will not stress out about these problems.
I take my time cause…
when I put something out it gets blocked. So I will never quit, but as far as tupac he died 25 years old $800.00 in his bank. Now we enjoy his movies and songs wow. plus he did get help, all his cds was paid for by his label.
Success is money!…
I haven’t made money yet but I believe in Jesus. Even though I know there are things happening with my music like me getting letters from tunecore saying someone stole all my royalties etc. I know one day if I keep putting out monster hits I will make money.

I can see the looks on peoples faces when they hear my music…
when they ask did I write my movies or songs alone. It’s nice to hear that I made there day. I get invited to perform and hear people calling me a genius.  With two major artist stealing two of my songs (which made millions for them) and labels asking me to sign with them, I feel some kind of success is close and coming..
3 ways I  challenge myself…
1. praying and Bible
2. my son
3. keep trying even though MOST OF IT is gonna get blocked.
I don’t need to challenge myself…

I see what’s happening clearly. I do all the work and someone else gets the money and credit for my work. Most artists would quit, but hopefully when I do get paid that alone will motivate me to work harder. It’s like cleaning your house and someone opens your door and trashes it and locks the door. You just don’t feel in a rush to clean it again! Upset, angry, want answers..
Build a church that physically helps all people who wants to help themselves…
second most important thing is be successful in all my son and myself does. From movies, to comedy, to music etc.
I am most afraid of…
the sad life I live happens to someone else. I know I will change someones life not just with music but I will meet and give out jobs, heal people etc.
Social media has…
I have had money stolen, heard lies, and had my emails erased.
Reverbnation is …
the best thing that ever happen to my music. Once I make it, I will partner up with them!
You need both, singles and cd…
but with out money I can’t give out singles so I’m waiting for one of my many hit songs to blow up so I can get a loan or sponsors to help press the single. Singles are for radio stations. CD’s are for fans.
I would love 5 minutes alone with…
Yclef Jean, he like myself is Haitian. He already has the resources for a label and myself I got music. So if we do a project, it will be large one. My favorite producers are myself, Timbaland, Dr. Dre and Pharrell. Yes I produced all my songs. Jsharp and I work well together!

My Bio:
I am Mink Da Jedi a member of the group Macadacius! I know you are expecting Vicious Assassin only but there is three of us in the group. He forgets he is not a solo artist! Ha ha… we all want this lime light! (Mink Da Jedi on youtube) & reverbnation.com/viciousassassin

About me:
Mink Da Jedi, age 77 (fictional character) comedian, rapper (wanna be) singer, actor and poet!

Verse Venom, age 11 (leader of Macadacius) is a vocalist: rapper and singer.
Vicious Assassin, age 34 (the M.J. of the group) everybody thinks he’s solo. All the ladies love Vicious Assassin, hip hop artist want to be him or roll with him. Stop kissing up to him people, what about us?!? His real name is Dally Joachim a square. The only sin he commits is loving adult women. That’s not a hip hop artist! Clean no record no arrest, not even a traffic ticket. No tatts, no murders, single dad who takes care of his son, no smoking not even weed, no cursing, follower of Jesus Christ! He turned down millions plus a full scholarship to go to one of the biggest University film schools in the world. Located in San Francisco California, he turned it down because his personal morals did not match… Not a hip hop artist a saint maybe but not an artist! He’s a security officer like Ricky Rosae.. Pick me instead people Mink Da Jedi I’m only 77!

January 2015 we formed the group Macadacius and decided to make me Mink pay for everything. The ladies love the 11 year old Verse Venom. (Oh he is so cute, the band leader… blab la bla) Nonsense! No one likes me! We are about to record the songs (I’m Fire and Gewy Like A Marshmallow)! The cd will have 15 tracks, intro-outro and “five comedy skits with me Mink Da Jedi”!

Future plans:
1st Macadacius title (Macadacious!)
2nd Verse Venom solo cd (no title yet)
3rd Macadacius title (Spitten~Fire / Untouchable)
4th Macadacius title (Lyric Blaze)
5th Macadacius title (God, Sex & Evil) movie & soundtrack

Written one thousand songs from age nine, two of my songs stolen and is on the radio now! (Yes they are copyrighted) Written poetry, movies and everything you can imagine. I will put many of my first songs that I wrote as a kid on this cd and I will also cover some songs from some of my favorite artist! Comedy (skits) from Mink Da Jedi and Verse Venom will be featuring! This will also be my documentary soundtrack, “Gracesily Civil” title after my grandmother.
Jesus Bless and this the jaja dance… jajaja –ja ja ja…….. this Mink Da Jedi
Warm regards, Dally Joachim

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