{Behind The Music} Wasteland Rocks on Werewolf

{Behind The Music} Wasteland Rocks on Werewolf


“Werewolf is definitely about hunting. The song is winding up to the hunt, every step of the way and culminates in the catching of the prey. It illustrates the Werewolfs duality- in one hand he needs and wants to hunt.” – @wastelandrocks

Live Interview May 11 – 6pm et
Episode #322 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2016/05/11/episode-322-ava-live-radio-behind-the-music-with-jacqueline-jax

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Interviewing: Freddy Strøm & Linda Eidset

The Beginning…
Freddy: I’ve always had an interest in music. I’ve always been drawn to it, and it means a lot to me. I remember getting my first drum kit back when I was 12, it was a gold Winmax I believe. I was a big AC/DC fan. Me and my buddy Egil was jamming in my parent’s basement all night, haha… It was a lot of «You shook me all night long» and «Highway to hell». Happy times and I’ll never forget it.
I joined my first band back when I was 13-14 and we played a lot of Metallica. I still love Metallica and Lars Ulrich has had a huge influence on me.

Werewolf INDIE MUSICLinda: My first musical memory is Elvis. He had just died and they broadcasted a kind of a cavalcade on TV. I was just a toddler but I still remember how the living room transformed into a bubble with only the music and me in it. Now I was lucky to have young parents that were fairly interested in music, so I got to hear a vast variety of genres from Beatles to Black Sabbath. But it was the Heavy Metal that really hit me. Not so much after the toddler era I discovered Motörhead. That was a blast! Together with Judas Priest, Motörhead is still my favorite band today.

At the age of 10 I got my first guitar. It was an acoustic one and I wasn’t very happy about that. But my mom insisted that I should learn to play classical first. So I did, but at the age of 15 I worked my butt off at the docks, finally making money to buy me a decent electrical guitar and a Marshall amp. As a fresh owner of a 70 ́s Yamaha SG 2000S, I buried myself in my room together with Black Sabbath ́s album Heaven and Hell, to learn all the great riffs. A great period that lead me to play in a few garage-bands. Mainly thrash-metal, but also a Sabbath cover-band. Really good times back then, jamming out very loud at home together with my younger brother. Haha.. Still a riddle to me how our mother handled that period. Years later I met Freddy and together with my brother Yngve, the 3 of us formed Wasteland Rocks in 2003. Then I dropped the guitar and started up as a vocalist for the first time. My “teachers” when it comes to vocals are Mr. Ronnie J. Dio, Mr. Rob Halford and Mr. Bruce Dickinson. Fantastic musicians!

Linda: Werewolf is definitely about hunting. The song is winding up to the hunt, every step of the way and culminates in the catching of the prey. It illustrates the Werewolfs duality- in one hand he needs and wants to hunt. On the other hand, he tries to keep himself under control. The instruments, the melody, the choir, everything is designed with the purpose of emphasizing whats going on in the hunting.

Also about the inner struggle, a metaphor if you may, for the times you just wanna rip everything apart and throw yourself into the “I don’t f*n care” –state of mind, even thou you know it ́s not a good thing to do. Now when that is said, people should absolutely NOT run around killing others.. The lyrics came to me after watching the movie Van Helsing. It ́s not specifically about werewolves thou, but more about the dark feeling of being hunted it gave me.

This one, together with the werewolf appearing in Harry Potter ́s Order of the Phoenix. He is more subtle; he is in general a good guy as long as he takes precautions.. In the lyrics our werewolf also tries to keep himself under control. Of course, in the dark Heavy Metal cabinets of Wasteland Rocks, he doesn’t succeed..


Our Music…
Freddy: Well, when you hear Wasteland Rocks, I hope you will be surprised, engaged, impressed, provoked, happy, angry and depressed.
Our goal is to take the listener on a journey through our universe, join us in our world of both happiness and evil.

Linda: I want our music to trigger your imagination, empower you, fascinate you, and of course- entertain you. We believe that you guys out there can feel as strongly empowered by our music as we ourselves do. Each song creates its own atmosphere, and I wish for you to be able to pick the song after your mood or the song that speaks to you. Maybe it will put the light on a problem or situation that engages you specifically. We are marketing our music through a vast variety of streaming services and radio channels and hopes to reach as many as possible. Eventually we will gather all the best songs in a great album.

We live in Aalesund…
a small town on the west coast of Norway, with a population of around 50,000 people. Especially during summer when the cruise ship season starts, there are a lot of tourists coming to visit.

Aalesund has a growing music scene with several great artists and bands across all genres trying to get out there. There are some local stages and pubs with possibilities to play live music, but of course there should be more of them. We’re also lucky to have some music festivals where Wasteland Rocks have played several times.

Freddy: Everyone in the band has been friends both in and outside the band for 30 years, so there have been some parties, we see ourselves as family. Some of us ride Harleys and drive big fat American cars, and others like camping, traveling, theater and music, of course.

Linda: I love to grab one of my old Harleys, go to a remote curvy road and ride as fast as possible to the border of freaking my self out. Loads of good ideas appear after a good adrenaline rush…


Music business…
The music industry is a tough world. Only the strongest will survive and even they must reach out to the world to survive. Which of course is good for the fans, when Metallica and Iron Maiden come to Norway 2-3 times a year, it is pure luxury, but I do not think that they had been here so often if they still earned enough money on selling CDs.

While for us smaller bands, we reach further and further into the world, and we can do that in just hours. More people can see us and hear our music, even without a record deal or label, and it’s amazing. We even have streamed small concerts directly from our own studio. …so to sum up; Harder for established bands who have been around for a while and much easier for up-and-coming bands to get their music out into the world after the Internet/streaming services came along.

Social media…
We love social media! We reach a lot of people and get to tell everybody what is happening in our universe. We created a VIP Club at Bandcamp.com for our most dedicated fans, which is willing to support the band through a yearly subscription model.
We also stream directly from our studio on Periscope, which is a lot of fun. We will be doing a lot of this going forward, as this is a low cost and efficient way to get our live shows to more people.

One of the main challenges of social media is to reach the right people at the right time, and especially on Facebook, which limits the reach if you don’t pay for it. This is one of the reasons we have moved our main focus to Twitter since we reach a lot more new fans on there.

Singles vs. an album…
We think that after streaming services like Spotify and others became mainstream, the listeners began to make their personal playlists, where they put together a song from one artist and one from another artist to create their own «albums» and collections. Therefore I believe the single is the next big thing (again). Remember in the early days it was all about singles, before the industry started pushing albums to make more money. I think people want great songs, and not necessarily albums with a few great songs and the rest fillers. For us this is great because we are able to release singles more often and keep the interest alive. We don’t have to save money for two, three years to make a huge investment to record an entire album, but instead we can release a single at a time and begin saving for the next!

And especially for the fans who can stream or buy a single for a dollar instead of saving money for a complete album. Our mission is to make great songs and release them as singles. Then when there ́s enough singles we will release them as an album. So everyone should be happy…

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Freddy: Wow, tough question… I guess I would have to say Ozzy, just to hear all the tour stories. He must have lived an incredible life. 2016 has been a very sad year in which we have already lost many great artists. It was especially sad to lose Lemmy who we were very fond of. I hope someone takes good care of Ozzy because he will soon be the only legend we have on this planet.

Linda: So many amazing musicians have died lately. What a loss…. I could say Lemmy since he is one of my all time heroes I now lost the chance to meet. Or Dio. I still cross my fingers for a chance to meet Mr. Rob Halford one day.

But it has to be Janis Joplin… she stood up for what she wanted, did what she wanted for better or worse, being a woman back then in the very male dominated music business, refusing to look like a doll, just being herself… Hell, they even called her the ugliest boy in school and she still just f** them all off anyway. That woman ruled!

Do you find that there is too much emphasis on being current and trendy…
Well, we make music we like ourselves, and if someone else believes it’s good, that’s a huge bonus for us. I like Lemmy’ s way of saying it: «Like it, or fuck off».
We will never create songs just to get played on the radio, we make songs that we can be proud of ourselves. If someone wants to play it on air, we are obviously very, very happy. If not… well, maybe they like the next one… We would never have a record label who would say to us «lose 10 pounds and start writing pop songs, and we’ll make you stars» We make Wasteland Rocks songs, and this is our sound!
«Like it, or fuck off»

I am most afraid of…
Freddy: As a father, I’m most afraid something might happen to my kids.
As an artist, I am most afraid that something might happen to me so I can’t make more music. I think no one in Wasteland Rocks could have survived without making music somehow.

Linda: To have the freedom taken away from us! I am afraid that the human kind would get so divided that we lose all manners and decency and let the few nasty people in the word rule the masses. There is so much fear! And like most parents, it’s unavoidable not to worry about what kind of mess we leave for our children to sort out. And will they be able to?

My personal definition of success is..
Freddy: Our biggest moment has to be that in May 2010 Wasteland Rocks headlined the Friday show at the Harley Davidson Federation international Super Rally 2010 in Patras, Greece as the only non- Greek band!

The big stage, as well as to be flown down to Greece to play for that amount of people was a great moment for us. I really hope to get to experience something similar again soon…
And the fact that Wasteland Rocks has over 600,000 plays on Soundcloud.com is a success for us. We are so happy that people around the world are listening to our music.

Linda: I totally have to agree on that. There were approximately 15.000 participants and a great part of those came to see us. Great stage, great people and ahh.. the energy flow… pure magic! We had people doing motorcycle burnouts in front of stage, and since 3 of the band members at the time was riding Harleys, that was a total blast! We achieved this through our manager at the time, which is also a biker with good connections down Europe. He and I went to a meeting with the organizers in Athens to arrange it.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
Freddy: It must be to continue to make music with my best friends. And of course, to develop myself as a drummer. I am attending drum lessons and more online to be the best possible.
I have to keep myself in shape and try to play at least 2-3 hours a day. I’m living for the drums and when I do not play myself, I am listening to others play or working in my workshop in my basement, where I restore old drums.

Linda: Oh.. now you got me thinking about the Twister Sister video “I wanna rock”. Where the father barks out to his son: “ Where do you come from!? Are you listening to meeee!? Whatddaya wanna do with your life!?” Just gotta say: I WANNA ROCK!

Last spring I finished my Bachelors degree in music, so I’m definitely aiming for a music career. By the time being I ́m still a university “schoolgirl” studying Visual communication and practical art. I wanna create a little bit of magic every day with the ability to write music that engages me plus the chance to make a decent living out of it. To stay as healthy as possible and infect loads of new generations with Heavy Metal

3 Ways that I challenge myself…

1) I would like to learn more about the recording session, because
I think it’s an exciting process and a topic I like to immerse myself in. Everything from mic placement to recording… very exciting!

2) I would like to learn more about triggering sounds and sampling, because I think it can bring something to our music. I think our songs will get more samples in the future. And that we should not be afraid of experimenting and trying new technologies.

3) I try to always be open to other genres, and I seek knowledge everywhere. I may one day be listening to fusion jazz and the other day be listening to black metal. I think I can always learn something and bring it to my own music.

1) I listen to many different types of music, even atonal one. To
test the structure and maybe find new ways and directions for
stuff to be used in Wasteland Rocks projects.

2) Studying shapes, colors, emotions, visual and audiovisual
effects, objects we surround ourselves with, to understand why and how these can be used to create my personal musical picture. I believe that all these things affect who you are and how you create.

3) I challenge myself to stay open-minded and as little judgmental as possible in most aspects of life. We ́re all humanly imperfect. That ́s one of the reasons why we need music in our lives…

WASTELAND ROCKS is a female fronted heavy metal band from Ålesund, Norway. Founded in 2004 the original five members started out as a tribute band with the mission to serve their fans the «best heavy metal of all ages».
This goal still lives on as they pursue recording their own music and on the 25th April 2011 they released their debut single «I Say Burn!» on iTunes, Spotify and other major international sites via TuneCore.
In May 2010 Wasteland Rocks headlined the Friday show at the Harley Davidson Federation SuperRally 2010 in Patras, Greece as the only non-greek band.
Wasteland Rocks’ popular cover versions of classic songs like Heaven and Hell, Mr Crowley, Perfect Strangers, The Wicker Man, Holy Diver and Living after Midnight has been played more than 500.000 times on SoundCloud.
Main influences are classic heavy metal and thrash bands from 1970s to 1990s like Black Sabbath, Dio, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica and many more.
Self titled demos was released in 2005 and 2007 with cover songs.
The band is:
Linda Eidset (Vocals),
Rune Haugland (Guitars),
Yngve Eidset (Guitars),
Øyvind Vik (Guitars),
Freddy Strøm (Drums),
Thor Inge Bårdsgjerde (Basses)

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