{Behind The Music} WHITE BOY Cloaked in Light

{Behind The Music} WHITE BOY Cloaked in Light

 ” I don’t really dwell on the hurdles or pitfalls…
they spur me to be more creative and continue to overcome. ” – @WHITEBOYROCZ

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Episode #268 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW WHITE BOY
Jayel Peezodee- singer guitarist

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Long story short…
I have just always loved the shape  and the sound of the guitar. The current EP has 8 songs, that are meant to take the listener on a journey within themselves.  There are a lot of spiritual elements in the choice of tuning, the keys of the songs, lyrics and just overall vibration. being that we are now in a new paradigm its time for music of a higher vibration to be spread to the people. Alot more people are becoming more in tune with holistic approaches to life, from organic food, natural medicine, free energy , clean air and water, unity, non violence and with that raising of consciousness comes new music.
The EP can be pre-ordered on pledgemusic.com, it was suppose to be ready 10/14/2015 however that pre-order date has been pushed back.

Cloaked in Light…
The song is about operating in ones higher self, in harmony with all creation
and how the effort to do this is similar to a dance. Since the other members have left the band I have written mass material and have chosen 8 songs to release on an EP. I have played all the instruments , sang all the vocals on all the tracks, and look forward to auditioning a bass player drummer and rhythm guitarist for touring and live shows… The recording process involves laying down the guitar track 1st since that is my main instrument, and I write most of the songs  on guitar. ..from there either  drums or bass depending on the song , then vocals and finally any lead guitar solos background vocals and adlibs… I cant wait to release the EP and put  a band together and perform these songs live…I would love to open up for a band in Austin Tx the live music capital of the world..

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio…
The music scene here is very diverse , Hip Hop, Rock, Metal of all types.. There are more Rock bands doing original music than there are R&B bands.  When I’m not writing or in the studio I really like to just chill, maybe ride my motorcycle which is relaxing meditation or  throw something on the grill.
From the moment I learned to play guitar I wanted to join a band…
write songs  and get a record deal and play concerts. At this point alot has changed my bass player and drummer have left the band and its just  me writing and playing all the parts.Another thing that’s changed is the computer, its made it easier to get your music heard and now that  PLEDGEMUSIC.COM has come along I really feel this is the new model for the industry..its like direct marketing,  kinda cutting out the middle man and going directly to the people..because the bottom line is , its always been about the fans..the fans make the wheel turn.


I don’t really dwell on the hurdles or pitfalls…
they spur me to be more creative and continue to overcome.

Social media is cool…
its made the world a much smaller place..and have allowed us to get news we otherwise may not ever know about, if we had to just wait on the media.
I released 3 singles over the past year and a half…
a friend of mine told me that in order for people to really get a feel of where I’m coming from and to really catch the vibe, that I would need to put out an album.  I knew he was right, so I’m on it…. the singles were released on Itunes/ spotify etc, and played on various internet radio stations.  I knew nothing about PLEDGEMUSIC.COM at the time.. now that I do.. I will continue in this direction and release albums / EP”s….
I’m not really a respecter of persons but of faith, integrity, honor, honesty and virtues like that…
Way back when, I would have had a long list of people.  But now I look at things differently.  Musicians who are not trying to make music like whats on the radio  inspire me..people who are forging their own path is really cool.

I look at music as if each song was a painting…
and the notes are the colors..to express  the inner parts in your own way or to give an interpretation of how one sees and experiences things is always more enduring and will last longer than  trying to sound like  or be like whats trending at the moment. That’s what I like about the music of the 60″s and 70’s……

God, the Divine creator of the Universe and all things has not giving us a spirit of fear….

16 counting to learn and grow…
and to realize we are all in a constant state of becoming, will not allow you to make more of a certain accomplishment ( blessing ) over another… to continue to learn and grow and to create and share my music with the world, and  just add to all the new ideas that are out there, and helping others is who I am and what I do.
I have learned to Not be content…
keep pressing forward, and to realize you can learn something from just about everybody…its good fuel to get you going , getting better and better.


The Band ” White Boy” started out as 3 black dudes from Cincinnati, Ohio who love Rock/Metal coming together to form a band whereby they could express and share a unique style of Rock Music with the world. Although the bass player and drummer have left the band, singer/guitarist Jayel Peezodee has pressed on still spurred by the initial spark that fired up the band, and pure love for his instrument and the music, Jayel is a genuine artist. He has written, played and produced and released 3 singles which are available on itunes, and is currently in the studio working on 8 songs for the soon to be released EP under the band name. Jayel is totally confident that these 8 songs will make such an impression in the music world that they wont be ignored. Soon after the songs are recorded Jayel will hold auditions in order to put the band back together for live shows..“…the live shows are where you can really take the audience on a journey, ya know the song is where the fans and the artist meet, the common ground, and from there together we can really expand …..that’s what I love about playing live, taking the familiar and flavoring it with fresh and new elements that only come into existence at that time in that space, its beautiful , I love it .” says Jayel.

Song Lyrics: CLOAKED IN LIGHT ( cosmic dance )

                 HE IS CLOAKED IN LIGHT
                 BRIGHTER THAN PURE SNOW
                 DONT YOU KNOW
                 DONT YOU KNOW
                 HE IS FULL OF WISDOM
                 ALL THERE IS TO KNOW
                 HE DOES KNOW
                 HE DOES KNOW
                 AS WE LIVE OUR LIFE
                 TRY TO GET IT RIGHT
                 EACH DAY A NEW CHANCE
                 AHH  AHHH AHHH  AHHHH
                 WE CAN WALK IN LIGHT
                 OTHER WORLDLY GLOW
                 YOU WILL KNOW
                 YOU WILL KNOW
                OPERATE IN WISDOM
                LET THE MADNESS GO
                DONT YOU KNOW
                DONT YOU KNOW
                AS WE LIVE OUR LIFE
                 TRY TO GET IT RIGHT
                 EACH DAY A NEW CHANCE
                 AHH  AHHH AHHH  AHHHH
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