Behind The Music with Banana Blonde on If It’s Not Too Much

Behind The Music with Banana Blonde on If It’s Not Too Much

Band Name: Banana Blonde

Zach Sheffield, Chris Harrington, Chris Sims

Person Interviewing: Zach Sheffield

Song name: If It’s Not Too Much (It’s Not Enough)

Genre: Rock

I live in… Birmingham, Alabama

This song is about…: those moments that are very extreme or volatile. The ones that make you feel like you’re getting too close to the sun’s surface. It’s also about people in your life who have that type of personality, and you get brought into their out-of-control world also. Everyone has that friend who talks you into going out for dinner, and then somehow you end up on a boat in a swamp with no clothes on surrounded by backwoods poachers with guns pointed at you. Then that friend wants to do it all over again! It could also be that you’re that person!

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My music is…: straightforward rock n roll. Hopefully I never have to categorize it as indie alt acid rock with undertones of folk. Actually that’s not a bad description! We try to keep it to bass, drums, guitar, and vocals. Then we turn it up really loud.


This release is definitely a different direction than we went with the first album. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened when we started writing the songs. Remember what Bill said, “Play from your heart!” Sometimes you get subconsciously influenced by music that you are listening to while making the album. We love the Phil Spector sound and also some of the soulful rock bands from the 60’s. Chris Harrington and I were definitely listening to a lot of mono Phil Spector songs when we wrote “Weak.” There is a lot of variety on This Much Weird, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where we are heading for the next project. I never want to be boxed in by labels or categories. Rock n roll is really an attitude, not so much a category. Slayer and Metallica are rock n roll, but so are Prince and David Allan Coe. So who knows what direction we’re heading!

Best Advise…
 Bill Hicks was a famous comedian who used to talk about music a lot in his act. He would tell musicians, “Play from your heart!” He would scream it in the microphone because he was obviously disgusted with musicians trying to all follow the same formula or pattern. It’s been going on forever and it’s happening now. Someone puts out a hit song and everybody tries to copy it. I really get frustrated when I see legendary artists who have been around forever fall into this trap. We just write songs based on whether we like them or not. We never sit down and decide to write a song based off of what’s popular at the moment. You have to play from your heart. Being different used to be cool, but now cool is being just like everyone else. It’s a strange phenomenon.

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