Behind The Music with Iain Mundy on Shadow

Behind The Music with Iain Mundy on Shadow

Person Interviewing: Iain Mundy

Song name: Shadow

Genre:: Pop

I live in…Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Shadow has a deeper meaning which I hope a lot of listeners can relate to, like many my songs it focuses on dreams and ambitions, but it’s about the hidden things that can hold you back which can’t be seen from the onlooker.
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My music is Pop – but with a few surprises along the way. If it’s not a mellow number with plenty of falsetto, then it’s usually a heavier driving number with some celtic influences. I love a melody, I like to write music that leaves you humming it all day, otherwise, what’s the point?

As this is just the start for me, I’m still finding my feet in the industry but “The Tide” my debut EP is me in a nutshell. It’ll be interesting to see if directions change with what follows in the next few years!

The best advise that I have received is
just simple advice from my parents and grandparents, general advice really that applies to my musical ambitions – Life is short, do what you love and chase your dreams!

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