Daniel Messemer a real rock story

Just behind a hidden door masked to look like a library wall lies a world where your imagination can thrive and dream makers are no longer illusive unicorns. The space is C&I studios and the people are a careful melting pot of innovative artistry meets unobstructed maverick. There are many creative spaces in this world but rarely places that strike this kind of balance. As I walked through the vast space littered with chords and equipment I felt an unusual tranquility carefully nurtured by Production team Chris and Mory LaVoie. It was dark and a single spot light lite up musician Daniel Messemer as he sat on a stool telling his story.  The documentary is called  “A Real Rock Story”, it tells the tale of one music artists journey through the pitfalls of the industry. A special perspective that only those who have walked this journey could even begin to understand.

Daniel Messemer a real rock story

Being a radio show host for A.V.A  Live Radio,  I have had the pleasure of meeting many talented people and have discovered that there are few things that compare to living a life around creative individuals. The inspiration is pure and limitless, the energy is infectious and if you can mange to tame down your excitement enough to sleep at night you dream of making what is considered impossible to most come to fruition.

(In photo: Daniel Messemer– Jacqueline Jax- Alan Vine)

On this day I not only interviewed two amazing artists, I sat on the receiving end. My part in this rock-umentary was to discuss the influence of rock music on our culture, how we nurture it and what it brings to our lives. Most importantly, I was able to give my insights on the people who love it. Why they carry it’s torch through the decades and what inspires them to continue to do so.

Jacqueline Jax A real rock story by Daniel Messemer AvA Live Radio

Life is all about making choices. Some of us handle it with ease and some of us  complicate our situation with doubts. For a true artist, it’s about getting inspired and keeping that flame lite. Not just seeking the light at the end of the tunnel but savoring the journey as you steer towards it.

Jacqueline Jax A real rock story by Daniel Messemer AvA Live Radio

Many of us say, ” Life happens”. But a creative warrior will always get back into the saddle despite their struggles. They will never walk away from that one thing that drives them to “Live a life that matters.”

I think the most important battle to win isn’t the one that you have with others, it’s the one that you have with yourself. And only you can decide who the winner will be.

-Jacqueline Jax
Host of A.V.A Live Radio

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