Alan Vine Breaks Out with the liveD

Alan Vine Breaks Out with the liveD

Alan Vine the livedAlan Vine is the man responsible for the creative side of the spectrum in the band The LiveD. With a powerful chordal stomp on the piano and comical, straightforward, crowd endearing lyrics; Mr. Vine breaks out of the overly beaten mold that has become too familiar in these times.

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ALAN VINE
JACQUELINE JAX: How did you get your start in music?

ALAN VINE: My older brother, Todd 1, used to kick my ass every time he would catch me playing his drums….He finally gave in and got sick of the fights and bought me my first instrument (bass guitar) He now is the drummer in my band the lived. Check it out

JACQUELINE JAX:  Pick one of your songs and tell me the story behind it.
ALAN VINE:  Killing Perverts

JACQUELINE JAX: What’s it about?
ALAN VINE:  It’s about Killing Perverts.

JACQUELINE JAX: Is there a back story about how it was written or recorded?
ALAN VINE:  I wrote the song because a dirty bag person at the supermarket tried to put his dirty hands on my new born son “Hollywood” I told him to stand down, he refused and then he woke up ten minutes later with a sore head.

JACQUELINE JAX: Did anything sad or funny happen during the process?
ALAN VINE:  Sad he lost his job. The manager was the cashier and saw the whole thing. He fired him on the spot. I saw said bag person a few days later. He said sorry and I got him a job with stage hand union….

JACQUELINE JAX:  What’s the music scene like in your town?
ALAN VINE: Too many bar stars who act like they are on the front cover of Rolling Stone, too much drama betweens bands, he said she said crap that poisons the scene as a whole. Bands need to work together to make a scene happen.

JACQUELINE JAX: Places to go?
ALAN VINE:  No place really to see original bands. Those places are disappearing and it’s a shame.

JACQUELINE JAX: Tell me about one fun thing you like to do that can be music or non-music related.
ALAN VINE: I like to live….my kids,music ,family and friends are the thing I like to be around. As long as that is all in check, I am having a blast..

JACQUELINE JAX:  What do you like about social media?
ALAN VINE: The platform it gives artists to reach people.

JACQUELINE JAX: Have you found any challenges that you’ve had to overcome?
ALAN VINE: Not really. It’s been quite the opposite…endless avenues to get yourself out there…only challenge really is to harness that endless audience aka THE WORLD WIDE WEB and make it work in my favor…

JACQUELINE JAX:  Why do you think it’s so hard for indie artists to break into the mainstream big markets and gain a solid fan base?
ALAN VINE: Drama with in bands ,money , lazy artists who think the world owes them…artist waiting for something to happen and not putting in the time….

JACQUELINE JAX: Why do they influence you?
ALAN VINE: Life is the biggest influence.

JACQUELINE JAX: Do you have any first hand experience with this artists such as a meeting, concert or special event you can tell me about?
ALAN VINE:I have been a fly on the wall with some really fun and amazing people…crazy thing is how people treat you a certain way because you are with the “in Crowd” …

JACQUELINE JAX:  Every true artist has a creative journey they hope for, what is the legacy you want to leave?
ALAN VINE: I want my kids to look back and be proud of their old man.

JACQUELINE JAX: How do you want to be remembered for your music?
ALAN VINE: Genuine, authentic songwriter who spoke from the heart, told it like it was, good or bad , sweet or smelly…

JACQUELINE JAX: How do you remove the monetary value as a means of influence over or judgement of your art?
ALAN VINE: Monetary value…I have always been broke and always been happy… and I could give a crap what some judgmental critic ever thinks. Haters gonna hate. There has never been a statue erected to honor a critic.

JACQUELINE JAX: Do you find that there is to much emphasis on being current and trendy or Is there a balance that you have found helpful in your artistic decisions?
ALAN VINE: Current and trendy is the same as being a follower….be a leader…

JACQUELINE JAX:  Are you religious?
ALAN VINE: Yes… I believe in love..

JACQUELINE JAX: Do you believe in fate?
ALAN VINE: But of course…I have seen this room and I walked these floors…

JACQUELINE JAX:  Do you believe that if you think positively and imagine yourself being that person, living a certain way or enjoying something you’ve always wanted you can bring it to you?
ALAN VINE: Only person stopping you is the person in the mirror….dream it, live it…

JACQUELINE JAX: What are you thankful for?
ALAN VINE: My breath.

JACQUELINE JAX:  Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?

JACQUELINE JAX:  What do you want most and how do you know it will make you happy?
ALAN VINE: I want what every person on this pale blue dot wants … I want to be liked, loved and accepted for just simply being me…

JACQUELINE JAX:  Have you ever stepped back to look at the bigger picture of who you are and where you fit in this world?
ALAN VINE: Tomorrow is a promise to no one. I never really tried to “fit in” . I just take it as it comes. I deal with the highs and lows and hope for the best and keep moving my mountian.

JACQUELINE JAX:  In your opinion what is the best way for someone to discover what they are good at and or what will make them happy?
ALAN VINE: Opinions are like assholes..everyone has one and 99% of them stink.. Be true to the mirror.

JACQUELINE JAX:  How can your life become more rich?
ALAN VINE: I am a multi-millionaire… I have good health and two healthy boys. A rich man’s grave and a poor man’s grave are dug the same way and look exactly the same the last time I checked. Spread the love.

JACQUELINE JAX:  How do you handle conflict in your life?
ALAN VINE: Conflict I try to avoid. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re true to yourself. There is no softer pillow than a clear conscience.

JACQUELINE JAX:  Do you feel that there is anything that prevents you from living up to your full potential?
ALAN VINE: Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude.

JACQUELINE JAX:  What is your personal definition of success?
ALAN VINE: Depends on what one considers success. I have been successful in many ways and not so in others… Just being Alive…Remember that failure is an event, not a person.

JACQUELINE JAX:  Do you feel that you have limits to what you can do and achieve?
ALAN VINE: No… I do the best I can with what I have..I have a plan on where I would like to be in the next few years and its gonna take work , a lot of it, but that’s ok. I have been moving a mountain with a teaspoon for quite a while and every little teaspoon is one less than before.

JACQUELINE JAX: What’s your favorite curse word?

JACQUELINE JAX:  If heaven exists what’s the first thing you would like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
ALAN VINE: I will say nothing. I will unlock the gate and let myself and everyone else in….

Alan Vine was raised in South Florida and cut his teeth playing bass with numerous bands on the local music scene. Vine received national recognition playing with Vince Neil of Motley Crue, and toured with Crue as Neil’s personal assistant. Vine also toured the world with the infamous Impotent Sea Snakes, and conducted an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett ( In addition to being the single parent of two young sons, Vine currently is the singer/songwriter behind the original band The Lived, and has been invited to co-host segments alongside Jacqueline Jax on A.V.A. Live Radio ( Vine can be found on Facebook at Formed in the earliest days of 2011 out of Hollywood, Florida, power group, the liveD, has quickly begun creating quite a buzz along the east coast. With an upcoming, much anticipated video and full length EP, the word of Alan Vine will be distributed quickly and effectively. With lead wreckingball heavy, beartrap catchy, and a uncontrollable foot-stomping sound, the liveD puts on a live show to be remembered. Assembling musicians from a broad tonal spectrum has contributed to quickly forming a unique, distinct sound; yet a strangely familiar, brutally honest feel. Alan Vine is the man responsible for the creative side of the spectrum. With a powerful chordal stomp on the piano and comical, straightforward, crowd endearing lyrics; Mr. Vine breaks out of the overly beaten mold that has become too familiar in these times. Drummer Todd Vine Is the animal-esque tyrant behind the drumkit. Combined with the chest punching, grizzly-pulse of bassist Todd Weiss, the rhythm section (THE TODD’S) of the group harnesses the rumble of a thousand rabid, stampeding bulls. Guitarist Jim Supersonic Potts summons a raunchy, muddy, delta blues tone reminiscent of the late R.L. Burnside crossed with the recent Dan Auerbach, yet utilizing the melodic sound and speed of a post bluegrass flatpicker. To pigeonhole this group in to one category, or to name half a dozen influences would not only do injustice, but would be musically misleading at best. As a listener, whether you seek the clever dialogue, distinct melodies, and old timey sound of folks such as Johnny Cash, or Merle Haggard or perhaps seek the thunderous, chest thumping bottom end of even the heaviest groups today, it is guaranteed that you will find something in between to suit your preference. The liveD plays mostly original tunes, but do make a few well selected exceptions. No matter what your taste, the vaudevillian performance by the liveD will be something you will not be forgetting anytime soon.

Tell them the liveD made you do it.

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