{Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax} Kevin Nevel Speaking From The Heart

{Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax} Kevin Nevel Speaking From The Heart


“I’m deployed here in the Afghan War Zone” so; not much happens here other then “Bad Guys” trying to hurts us. Songwriting help me to keep my mind off the “Bad Guys”. Kevin Nevel

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW KEVIN NEVEL

– How did you get your start in music?

I started out writing songs in 2001 for an all Girl Pop band; 5 girls; from Austraila called: “DeZire”; with a singing style like “The Spice Girls”.

– Pick one of your songs and tell me the story behind it. What’s it about?

“Flame” is a song I wrote after following a lot of up & coming artists
who really liked my songs. These are some very talented singers/musicians who had a rough road on the way to successful
singing careers as “Unknowns” in the “Dog Eat Dog” world of the “Music Industry”. this was especially true with artist who sold everything & moved to Nashville to pursue their music careers while waiting tables and working on cars.

– How do you spend your day?

I’m deployed here in the Afghan War Zone” so; not much happens here other then “Bad Guys” trying to hurts us. Songwriting help me to keep my mind off the “Bad Guys”.

– What do you like about social media?

Social Media is both a blessing & a curse! You have to do your research to find the best SM to promote your music that’s also is
within your limited budget.

– Why do you think it’s so hard for indie artists to break into the
mainstream big markets and gain a solid fan base?

An artist biggest weakness is in not taking full responsibility to promote themselves. Great hit songs must be heard around the world and the only way you fans can hear your great songs is to promote them as much as possible via the internet through your own webs sites, social media and Radio Shows like yours.

– How do you want to be remembered for your music?

It’s my desire to have my songs remain timeless & relivent; are played by my fans long after I’ve left the planet 🙂

–  How do you remove the monetary value as a means of influence over or judgement of your art?

I don’t write songs to become rich and famous; I write songs because I love songwriting. A songwriters #1 mistake is to write songs for fame & fortune.

– Artists who seek to make their art a career often face challenges that question their sense of purpose and creativity.. What is your experience with negative energy?

Negativity can’t touch you if you love songwriting; if you really want to know the value of the songs you write just ask your fans!

– Do you find that there is to much emphasis on being current and trendy or is there a balance that you have found helpful in your artistic decisions?

I feel you have to be careful writing songs to the theme of the lastest trend; once the trend dies so; will your songs. Listen to what the fans are telling you that they want & write songs that your fans will listen to.

– Do you believe that if you think positively and imagine yourself being that person, living a certain way or enjoying something you’ve always wanted you can bring it to you?

Yes; I believe that whatever you do comes back to you; good or bad; we always have to remember this fact when making life choices!

– What are you thankful for?

My God given ability to write great hit songs that move the fans in their heart ‘”N” soul.

– Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?

As a successful songwriter; writing great hits songs for top artists.
My song; “Unidentifiable” was played on Oprah during an interview with Rhianna.

Taylor wrote: “Client Kevin Nevels tune “UNIDENTIFIABLE” was played on Oprah when Pop Singer, Rihanna appeared on OPRAH.. Way to go Kevin.. A major accomplishment..”
My song “Fine Line” was “On Hold” with Keith Urban for 1 year which is a great honor in of it’s self; Keith’s manager said that they liked the song a lot but; they didn’t want to take a chance on an
“Unknown” songwriter; at least I know my songwriting is on track &
going in the right direction.

– What do you want most and how do you know it will make you happy?

I want my songs to be cut/recorded by up & coming talented artists; not tainted by the Music Industry; who sing with passion and still have the desire to become successful artists.

– Have you ever stepped back to look at the bigger picture of who you are and where you fit in this world?

Tell me you thoughts on your self discovery or lack of discovery. What have you learned and what do you have yet to learn. “Life is a continuing learning process; when you stop learning; your stop growing; you stop living! A lot of the songs I write are written about
life’s many lessons in love and keeping your faith and hope alive even in the sadest of times.

– In your opinion what is the best way for someone to discover what they are good at and or what will make them happy?

“Follow your bliss; do what makes you happy! For me my happiness is songwriting; I love songwriting!!!

– How can your life become more rich? Express one idea you have that would make your life richer today.

My idea of making people’s live’s richer is by writing great songs
that help people get through a tough day in life; enriching other
people lives through my songs; in turn makes my life much richer!

– How do you handle conflict in your life?

Think of a conflicting occurrence and describe how you coped or resolved it or how you couldn’t. I adopt what a wise person once said; “Face your fears and they will cease to exsist”.

– Do you feel that there is anything that prevents you from living up to your full potential?

Being deployed in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army; 8,000 away from my family/home in Burlington, North Carolina of the grid is a challenge I’m working hard to over come.

– What is your personal definition of success?

Writing a great song that fans totally relate to.

– Do you feel that you have limits to what you can do and achieve? Explain.

No; the only limiting songwriter has is allowing limiting believes to creep into his mind by losing faith in his/her abilities as a songwriter or allowing the music industry critic’s negativity to destroy
your dreams;. Let the fans tell you what they want & then give it to them in songs that both touch & heal their hearts. My song; “Flame” speaks of this musical magic connection with the fans!

– If heaven exists what’s the first thing you would like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Welcome back to the band my Son; We missed you!

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