Behind The Music With Koyi on Grace

Behind The Music With Koyi on Grace

 My music is a blend of cultures and melodies. My music is for education based on the Truth and righteousness of God. My music is for children and elderly people. My music is for dancing, and meditating.


Live Interview
Episode #591: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax
Show notes:

Listening to your creator. Following the plan that life has for you. Finding what your purpose is and following your path.

Discovering what you are meant to accomplish in this life. Some will be teachers and some are here to learn.

Turning your life around after having no purpose and finding your journey with a clear presence.

Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterviewby Jacqueline Jax
host of A.V.A Live Radio

Artist: Koyi
Song: Grace
Music Genre: Gospel Dancehall
I’m giving glory to God. My early adult years started with girls: flings and sex. Just a mess. I allowed myself to get distracted and lost in my ways. I found myself drinking and smoking more and mixing up with bad company which attracted trouble at times.  I was  spending money and time I didn’t have trying to please another person. My creativity suffered from it, as well as my mental, emotional and spiritual health because my heart was not designed for that type of life.
By God’s Grace, he pulled me from the mess, and allowed me to develop a relationship with him which showed me what a relationship is supposed to be like. I give him the glory for his unfailing love and for saving me from the beautiful women. I’m grateful he created, but whom I was only having sex with. However, I believe there’s more to the eyes, and that’s what my soul was missing with them; So it went out seeking Love. It began with finding Jesus, and then with the current relationship I am in.
My music is…
for the spirit. For the uplifting of the spirit. My music is a blend of cultures and melodies. It is for education based on the Truth and righteousness of God. My music is for children and elderly people. It is for dancing, and meditating.
I recently had a funny yet powerful dream. I was standing in a garden, just chilling. Suddenly, tens of common black birds started flying speedily towards me. Every time they drew near, I would protect myself with my arms across my face and my eyes closed; but they never touched me. They would deviate either upwards, or on my right side or left side. It’s like a force was surrounding me protecting me against attacks. As a believer and follower of Christ, I have been under consistent attacks since January 2018.

I have now gotten to a point where truly, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I was plotted against, but the enemy did not prevail to hurt me. God’s grace covers me, and I am currently walking in favor. Hallelujah!

Music maker…
I love writing music. I would usually have melodies in my heart, and then I assign words to them. Lately, however, I’ve just been flowing; whatever is in my heart, I go along with it and sing it. I have a home studio that I record in. Not so fancy but pretty decent. I have a professional Neewer Microphone but I mostly use my headset. May be odd, but I love the feeling of recording with it better. That’s the way I began my music recording sessions, and I get to remember and relive that fresh enthusiastic energy of the early days. My producer friends, and cousin would send me beats at times to record on, which is cool.
Maintaining my Balance…
Honestly, I was lost when I stopped reading my Bible consistently. I was still creating, but what I was singing had no substance. I have over 100 songs I have not and most likely will never release. My belief is there was a dirty spirit working in me. When I read the Bible words flow better for me. I am more at peace when I freestyle; my inspiration speeds up, my soul is more free, and my creativity is like on a sugar high.

Because the Word of God is instructions for life, it helps me navigate through my day-to-day still. I just have to feed my spirit with the Word and that is what I need to stay focused and disciplined.

Best Advise…
“Music is Spiritual.” On that basis, it’s safe to proclaim that sounds reflect faith and values and that music transcends cultures, religions, and has the ability to connect with souls all around the universe. That is why you can find yourself listening to a song from a language you don’t speak, but there is “something” about it that resonates with your being.

Music has no boundaries when it’s created from truth, and pure intentions.

I live in: DMV. There’s a lot of trap artists here.
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