Behind the Music with Orchestra Fuego on ‘Mi Ritmo’

Behind the Music with Orchestra Fuego on ‘Mi Ritmo’

Band Name: Orchestra Fuego

Person Interviewing: Marcus Hernandez

Song name: Mi Ritmo

Music Genre:: Latin

I live in Tampa, FL

This song is about upbeat Salsa song about My Rhythm.

My music we create is upbeat New York City Salsa Style with all original songs and arrangements.

Since our debut I have always wanted to stay true to the “Old School” Latin music or as it’s referred as well New York City Salsa. I also wanted to create music that is very danceable; not too fast, not too slow, just the right tempo. Mi Ritmo also debut’s our Female Singer Veronica Romero. She has done background vocals for all the top Salsa Artist. She is very energetic and fits our style of music very well

Best Advice..
Several of my musician friends have advised me to stay true to what you believe.


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