Virginia is just a good, old fashioned boot stomp. It is a reflection of some of the authentic grit and soul that I am constantly trying to put into my music. It’s not complicated noise or a distraction. It’s a story first. The music I make is always a story first. The sound behind the stories is what charges the emotion and the feelings touched on, by the story. That’s basically my formula.


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Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
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Band Name: Ryan Boyce

Song name: Virginia

Music Genre: Americana, Alt Country, Delta Blues

Virginia is just a good, old fashioned boot stomp.
I was literally watching the movie Lawless one night, and it just happened. I love the prohibition era and gritty, raw roots stories that helped shape American culture. I wanted to create a more up tempo, good vibes sound, with a bit of a light hearted story. A lot of the music I create is pretty intense and even abrasive in it’s approach. With Virginia, I really wanted to try and make a good “Saturday Night Stomp” tune that listeners could easily wrap their ears around.


I intentionally made it as dry and basic as possible, so as not to lose the story in complicated sounds. I think it works well. I wrote the lyrics in a matter of a couple hours, all the while humming this basic tune and riff in my head. Basically I’ll record a rough sketch and shoot it to Zed, so he can get a fix on where I’m going with an idea. Once we are on the same page, we’ll jump in the laundry room (studio) and knock it out. And yes, we employ every means digital audio recording gear we can afford to use. It’s old school with new tools sound. The process is as simple as we can make it.



I don’t get hung up on perfection and countless hours in audio engineering, no offense to those that do. It’s not because I’m lazy or not talented enough. It’s that listeners aren’t hearing content through high dollar sound systems any more. They’re just not. Music is being absorbed via mobile devices, PCs and maybe car stereos. There are those fueling the vinyl movement, and I’m all for that, but as an indie artist, I have to consider how information, art and media moves in this day in age. I’d love to produce vinyl, but right now that isn’t a cost effective approach. Hopefully, in time, that will change.


As for my direction…
I like where I am going with this. Mostly, because it’s on my terms. The interest, motivation and drive starts with me first. I’m enjoying the challenge of trying to reconnect with people, places and stories. Virginia is great tune, with a great vibe, that serves as a catalyst for connection between us all, our histories and our roots. My journey may not have a destination, but it definitely has a purpose.


I have released some lyric videos for other tunes, and some short, in studio, and stripped down pieces of the process. I’d love to incorporate film into what I’m doing, and I’m actually working on some early pre-production ideas for a couple of documentaries that I’ve been kicking around for quite some time. I think it would be extremely cool to fuse my music and short film ideas together and venture into indie film. I just love creative visual and audio art, that captures the real, raw and emotionally charged people, places and stories of this life. We could all stand to get reacquainted with one another again and reinvest some interest into the things that have shaped us all. So yeah, look for more visual presence in the future, on my SM platforms.


The music…
I’m fully aware that my music isn’t a universally pleasing cup of tea, but it’s real and raw and truthful and I know there is an audience for it. #soundwithasoul is about feeling something. It’s not just about hearing it. It’s about listening to it and embracing it.

“Music and art are about expression and stimulation. I aim to express some of the sentiments that I harbor, and that I know others do as well, and stimulate the soul that searches for a feeling. I’m just trying to create a vibe. A good one.”


Is there such a thing in life? I mean, really, right now I feel like there’s just motion. Negative motion, or positive. It’s such a give and take, bend, don’t break adaptation anymore. Really, when I boil it all down, I redefine myself and my objectives every single day. All I really have control over is my motivation and ability to be the absolute best version of me I am able to be, in every situation that allows it.

As a DIY / Indie artist, it is so damn hard to keep a finger on the pulse of every social platform. It’s hard enough trying to capture, let alone keep the attention of the mob. They are fickle. They’re wants and wishes change from moment to moment. Now, with FB, YT, IG and other platforms routinely changing the parameters, algorithmic bars and data prerequisites, a sure thing is virtually impossible, unless you’re in bed with a label or record company. People who think the business has changed, make me smile. The face of the business may be different, but the business itself is still ultimately governed by those with means. Occasionally, the “anomaly” artist breaks through and makes a dent, but those stories of rises to super stardom, fame and fortune, are a rarity.

“I guess the difference I see, is that niches have been created and opportunities are there for artists to make a name for themselves among consumers and followers of the independent arts.”

Here again though, once an artist reaches a certain level of recognition, they’re more often than not courted by “big money” and the landscape changes. It’s the way of the world. Independence is the dream. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your take, money is the facilitating catalyst.

My biggest hurdle right now…
honestly, is people, and trying to convince them to interact, to HEAR, not just listen.

“Social media is great and all, but it’s become such a façade, in that it is so hard to find meaningful, real interaction. And maybe that’s been the intent all along.”

Like, we don’t REALLY want to dig into subject matter or civilized discussions, we’re really only interested in the opportunity for the quick witted jab, quip or even snide comment or remark.

Like, we are really only interested in the sound of our own voices type of thing. Everyone points it out. It’s funny, because now we all complain, about complaining, about the right to complain about complaining. It’s a lot to sort through, in trying to find people who are genuine and sincere in their interests. So, my struggle, much like many others struggle, is engaging, not just fans or listeners, but acquaintances and potential friends. I’m sincere, when I say I want to connect with people. Conversely, I’m human, and I’m also sincere when I say I can do without the garbage I perceive.


Marketing wise, it’s been so hit and miss…
I basically lack tech savvy and my social skills aren’t as polished as they may need to be. That said, I have to make every effort to identify the platforms and subject matter that the mob is interested in and do my best to be creative in fitting my music and my brand into the frame. I break new ground daily, slowly but surely and I am constantly trying to learn. Here again, I’m a DIY artist trying to build and manage and upstart company from ground zero. And yes, this is a business.

I’m in the business of moving people via some sort of emotional or mental charge that I try to create with music. Easy, right? For 2018, I’ve decided to try and get out and take my music, my brand, my stories to the mob. At the end of the day, it’s a combination of many components. At some point to really dig into some of these niches, you just have to get out there and physically share and interact. Put a face to a name or a song, so to speak. So, I have planned to really invest in social media awareness and tactical use of platforms, as well as implement as much of a physical presence as I am able. I’m also constantly working on new material as well. There ain’t no rest in this business, at least not for now.


I’m not even a blip on the local radar in SLC / Utah…
The music and art scene here is soooooo fickle, from a fan perspective. Add to that, there is so much animosity and nepotism involved, amongst local bands and musicians. I’m sure it’s no different for many artists, from other towns. But if you really think about it, where are all of your favorite artists from? Usually not your home town. We always tend to be enamored with that which we don’t regularly experience. Be that as it may, I do need to set aside my own jaded perceptions and establish more of a local and regional presence, in person. It’s all one piece, one step, one stone at a time.


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