{Behind The Music} Big-T-onda_Trax on Povert

{Behind The Music} Big-T-onda_Trax on Povert

Inspiration came from my younger days growing up
in the No Limit and Cash Money era always had my brain at work with different tunes @bigtondatrax

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW BIG-T-ONDA-TRAX
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Terrill Hogan

Inspiration came from my younger days growing up
in the No Limit and Cash Money era always had my brain at work with different tunes.


It has a lot of Inputs and Outputs when it comes down to poverty.
Rather personal, social or even dealing with the economic issues. But whatever category your in, Your Biggest question is. “Will I Ever Make It Out” ?

Yes, “Poverty” Came to life as I was chanting
“When Praises Goes Up / You Know Blessings Come Down”. Just Free styling around the Instrumental that was produced by my close friend “Rico Dinero” b.k.a “Mississippi”as I was Reminiscing on current events and the drive to succeed. I made “Poverty” to touch the hearts of the people who’s on the urge to give up without putting up a fight. “Poverty” was recorded and engineered by myself inside my personal studio June 2016.

Support Artist: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/poverty/id1139984592?i=1139984612&app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

As my category grows its promised to amaze the listeners.
Expect, Excitement, Passion, Positive and Motivational messages. Great Sound, originality, patients, emotion and from the Heart music that is turned into sound waves traveling right into your ears. What makes my music so special is that I am not selfish with my talent.  As I’ve Opened my doors for local artists Who’s in need of affordable studio time along with “Great Engineering”. From show performance sets (show discs) to radio edits I do it all. I don’t want people to just see me as “ Big-T-onda-Trax” an indie artist from New Orleans,La , But I want the listeners to acknowledge the sound that I’m Bringing to your stereo systems. From soft reverbs to clarity Equalization I’m more of an All-in-One machine .The most Important part of it all is I save money on studio time , Which we all know can be very painful if your finances aren’t in place . Inside my studio Artists record and receive great audio engineering quality for a very Affordable price.



I live in Mary Poppins.
A Neighborhood on the West Bank division of New Orleans, LA. The music scene in my town is filled with treasures when it comes to talent involving Art. All genres and music festivals are popular in my city including blues, zydeco and jazz . Music festivals are held annually in my city. One fun thing I like to do that is has my attention is taking care of my breaded dragon “Poppins”. Its Motivation to see him grow as I witness myself grow with my music.

I feel that a Landscaping company
is needed prior to entering the business, In order to keep your grass cut low. If you know what I mean!

As I grew up being a music lover,
I always wanted to know the pros and cons of the Industry not knowing I was going to experience the cons more faster than the pros. One of the cons I encounter was being a loyal team member to a local artist and ended up
getting the cold shoulder. The pros I have achieved throughout my years of growing are actually gaining experience in all steps from writing to mastering. I’ve learned to only deal with those whose intention is to not dishonor their music partners, as I keep applying great engineering skills to local artists including my own material.

Releasing singles are a great way to get notice.
It is crucial to have all information registered from copyrights to performance rights in order for your compositions to be official. Releasing an album shows patient and requires A handpicked selection that consists of the best of the best that has been recorded during the process of creating the album. As a Indie Artist I have the freedom to express myself the way I want rather single or album. Audio Engineering keeps me busy all the time recording artists. But whenever I get a break, I love to put my all into songs I’m recording rather solo or
collaboration. I’m very patient with my category and would love to build my fan base gradually by releasing great songs as I create during my Engineering career.

Social media is Great!
I like that social media is opening it doors making it easy to share your creations with others . The benefits the tools social media provides are networking with a large worldwide scale. The fact that I can share my art across the world is amazing.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with Percy Miller (Master P).
I grew up listening to Master P and his No Limit Empire. If you want to discuss entrepreneurship, entertainment, film and music producing intelligence, He’s the person to talk to. Master P is also from my hometown New Orleans, LA. I remember going to the “Teen Summit”. A concert series held in my city featuring major artists. No Limit was the headline act. To see his stage and television presence in my youth years, had me very willing to learn with it took to expand my knowledge and become a philanthropist like Percy Miller.

It is Important to know what’s current.
I’m always staying in my own lane building my ultimate sound. I found that knowledge about engineering and strategies pertaining the business are very helpful towards my artistic decisions.

When Praises Goes Up / You Know Blessings Come Down

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