{Behind The Music} Brian Lee Robinson on That Old Cat

{Behind The Music} Brian Lee Robinson on That Old Cat


The song is about a cat that went to hell and back with me.
I don’t think anyone or anything has loved me like that cat did. It’s about unconditional live, loss and redemption @blrobinsonsongs

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Brian Lee Robinson

I started writing lyrics in my teenage years.
I would be driving down the streest and lyrics would start coming into my head. I had to pull over to write them down. I was about 16. I finally started learning to play the guitar so I could write melodies to the songs. My Uncle, Bob Brewer, played the guitar and used to play with my dad who was a songwriter. He taught me a lot and was like a father to me. We started writing together and we went to a NSAI conference in Tulsa. The song we played was one of the best ones there. I talked to one of the panelists, Bob McCracken. He suggested that I move to Nashville. So, at 22, I loaded up and left.

That Old Cat

The song is about a cat that went to hell and back with me.
I don’t think anyone or anything has loved me like that cat did. It’s about unconditional live, loss and redemption.

Support Artist:
Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-texas-side-of-nashville-ep/id1135791410

The album is my first studio EP.
It has some of my best songs. A variety of styles. Country, philosophy, comedy, everything.

I am from Houston, Texas. The scene is great here.
I have played the Warehouse, Fitzgerald’s, The Last Concert Café, The Longhorn Saloon. I haven’t played as often as I’d like. It is very time consuming running an independent record company, keeping up with social media, etc.


I got very burnt out if the music business in Nashville.
The new music business is very exciting, but very difficult at the same time. Anyone can put a record out now. The difficulty is standing out from the crowd. I have a lot of great fans and just signed someone in to help with social media. Now I plan to start practicing and getting ready for some shows.

Pro’s and con’s are in any business.
The biggest is knowing who is real and who is just out to take your money.

Well, you do what you can. You write songs from the heart.
As I always tell new writers, “The Truth Writes Itself “ Recently, I had the record finished, but I didn’t have the final mix wav files, and it flooded here in Houston. The studio was on the second floor, but the building flooded. I had promotion set up to start on a certain day. I was lost. What I did have was high quality mp3 files, so I started pitching to movies. I quickly got one movie cut that premiered recently. Surge of Power, Revenge of the Sequel. I got to walk the a Red Carpet and everything!!! I also have another song, actually “That Old Cat”, that id up for a movie. I will know in November. Luckily, I got the masters just in time for everything.

Kris Kristofferson.
He is my hero as far as songwriting goes. Such beautiful, poetic, real songs.

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