How to build influence on social media

How to build influence on social media

As Ghandi once said, “The future depends on what we do in the present” .  That truth applies to all of us in everything that we strive to accomplish.

Nowadays, most social media influencers aren’t just viral video stars; they’re creative thinkers who influence people by bringing some kind of value to their lives.

These people have a very powerful presence online and have mastered the art of getting that message across in today noisy social media world.

What they post about impacts trends and most of all impacts people. It’s not necessarily the tools that they utilize, it’s their energy that whips their subscribers to a frenzy. When I say energy I’m talking about how you handle life in general.

Powerful influencers don’t rule they inspire.

Mostly that inspiration happens as a result of sharing a journey and allowing people to go through it with you.

Now that I’ve opened that door, let me run down a list of specifics that may help you rise up to influencer status on your social media platform of choice.


1. Offering specific value

In order to attract people to your profile and following, you must be able to offer them something that they’re looking for. The content must be able to move people. The next time you post, think about how the story your posting can effect someone else in the same way that it helped you.

Did the story make you laugh? Did it make you feel sad? Did it teach you something? How was it impactful for you?

Once you know how it was effective, it’s time to decide how your going to get that message out there. That’s creation and distribution. Creation would be utilizing video or a live stream, image or audio file to carry the message. Distribution would be the platform that your posting it to that would be easily sharable.

This is where Value becomes my #1 recommendation. If you bring value to your message, then it can impact those who see it and right content form and distribution channel is what helps it to become a shared piece of viral inspiration.


2. Post about your favorite products and places .

This may surprise you but people love to look inside other peoples lives.

This is why Vlogging (video blogging has become so popular)
From favorite spaces to amazing places, you should be sharing everything that moves you. As you share it, keep track of what your followers interact with most.

These kinds of posts have a future in the marketing world but don’t try to monetize your feed to quickly and always stay authentic about any product you include. You don’t want to liquify your influence by becoming an advertiser or giving people bad advise.

Be consistent and try to only speak about products your actually using while your using them. That’s the most interesting way to share something your enjoying.


3. Create content in a specific niche.

Online content performs best when you define and specialize. If your a travel blogger, then give your followers all of that beautiful scenery and adventure. Keep it authentic. Don’t share stock photo’s and try to pass those off as your own travel photo’s.

If your a musician try to think of your instagram as a place where someone can come to enjoy your music, catch up on what your creating, get gig info, video and personal updates from you on what it’s like to walk your journey. From creation to production to those daily hassles, it’s all amazing content and makes for a very interesting feed.

Niche content attracts the strongest audience, but you can develop an audience by selling to them, you must be a story teller.

Try to remember that success in life isn’t always about what you have achieved but what you have inspired others to do for themselves.

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