(Behind The Music) Catherine Kiki Love on Cry Over You

(Behind The Music) Catherine Kiki Love on Cry Over You


What you go through in life reflects in your music. Having the wrong people in your life hold you back. Artists need to seek to be with other creatives that share the same spiritual connections. –  Catherine Manna

Live Interview November 3 at 6:20 pm et:
Episode #383 http://tobtr.com/9558215

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I started at the Royal Conservatory of Music…
piano lessons at the age of 3 but my start happened when I was a baby… My Aunt Lilla Ferrante was a very well known Italian Singer in the late 50’s early 60’s with a show on Television every week on the Johnny Lombardy Italian Show. Every Sunday in Toronto Ontario at Second City Studios on Young Street. She was my babysitter, so she would regularly practice her songs with me. One day while I was yet still in the Play Pen” not even walking or talking yet. She was practicing a song in Italian about Mountains, and forgot a line. I finished for her and much to her amazement and surprise, my first vocals were Singing a song!!!

Growing up I was highly active in High School..
being the first vocalist to ever sing with the Jazz Band at Woodlands High School in Mississauga Ontario. And the first to sing at the largest Mall in the world at that time. Square One Shopping Center. At 14 I wrote my first song which won an award this year at the 2016 Indie Music channel awards called “Sagapo”.

I was the vice president of the SR choir
and as in a band at 16 years old. My passion was to continue on with music but my family was very old school and supportive for their fears they passed on to me, so at 18 I planned my escape and ran away from home with my first husband to be. Needless to say, after having failed marriages, abusive situations that i managed to get out of in and out of women’s shelters 3 marriages.

Three children and not pursuing my dream passion and Destiny
at the age of 40 I had one of my first awakenings to come back to music. Experienced a dramatic change in my life sparked. The song was writing to re begin after 25 years and created with tears as was the first song Sagapo which means I love you in Greek.. The continuation of creation melody and song experience…. was called “Without love I am nothing”. I had just turned 40 and was beginning to realize that there is something more in store for me than just being a mothers wife and all that jazz… that was 2001.

That is where I met, my 3rd husband, producer Maverick Blue… In 2002 we had a business collaboration relationship that developed into more. We eventually had a 14 year relationship as artists and producers of award winning songs that i will get to later Because…

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