(Behind The Music) Charlie Rogers on June Night

(Behind The Music) Charlie Rogers on June Night


June Night is about lost love, it’s about letting someone go because of distance or timing & regretting it. It is a written confession to the person you lost about your need for them @CharlieMansBand

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June Night

June Night is about lost love,
it’s about letting someone go because of distance or timing & regretting it. It is a written confession to the person you lost about your need for them,

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June Night was written by a few friends of mine,
Evan Michael & Leah Burkey, both of whom are artists in their own right. Evan actually recorded & released the song back in 2010 but decided in 2014 that he wanted to steer away from Country Music & venture into the CCM genre. June Night sat & was eventually pulled from public access until 2016 when I, Charlie Rogers, asked to cut the song but first Josh Gleave, my producer, & me did some rewrites on the song itself. June Night always struck an emotional chord with me because much like Evan’s story, it is also very much my own. I guess that’s the beauty of music, it binds those who have been through similar experiences.

I decided this year instead of releasing an album or an EP
I wanted to release periodic singles. June Night for the Summer/Fall, Brave for the Fall/Winter, Too Many Miles for Winter/Spring. I made this decision in favor of the way music is turning, streaming. That being said any song I record I need to have a significant stake in, be in through writing, personal experience, or emotional attachment, I will not cut a song that I cannot relate to & that isn’t authentic to me as an individual. I strive for authenticity in my music, there’s enough fake in this world as it is.


I live in Nashville, so naturally the music scene here is booming.
Live bands at every bar, people chasing the dream everywhere you go, it’s electric & a little overwhelming at times. It’s a far cry from Kansas, where I’m from.

The music business is very much about connections;
it’s all about who you know, when you know them, & what you can offer them. I’ve seen people shoot up the ladder just because they have a family member in the industry or because they were able to pay their way up. It’s less about talent & more about the network of people you’ve built. That being said, the modern music industry can be daunting but we’re starting to see a world where people can make it without jumping through all the corporate hoops because of the fans they’ve made & the music they’ve created.

I’m going to answer this in two parts.
Someone who is dead & someone who is alive.

If I could spend five minutes with a person who had passed
I’d probably pick John Lennon. I am a huge Beatles fan & John has always been my favorite of the group. His writing style is much more introspective than that of George & Paul and I’d love to pick his brain, find out what made him tick.

Alive I would pick Emma Watson, simply out of immense respect.
She has done what very few celebrities have done, used her fame for the betterment of society as a whole. She draws attention to gender equality on a global scale through her work as the UN ambassador & through her organization Her For She. That’s something I strive to be, if I ever make any measure of success I want to use it to make this world better that how it was when I came into it. Change the planet on a global scale

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