Country Artist Rhianna Radick on Love-Sick Wonder

Country Artist Rhianna Radick on Love-Sick Wonder

Country songwriter,Rhianna Radick tries to reach people on a deeper level with circumstances most people share such as dating, leaving home, finding & building yourself, unreciprocated love, etc. She wants listeners to feel a connection like they’ve gained a friend and don’t feel so alone.

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Band Name: Rhianna Radick

Song name: Love-sick Wonder

Music Genre:: Pop/Country

This song is about the struggles in the dating world and finding a decent guy. There’ve been so many instances where I’ve been on a date and he’s been on his phone too much, referencing his ex frequently, or just not what his profile marketed. A lot of guys who I’ve had crushes on didn’t know I liked them, because I was afraid of rejection, or had girlfriends already. I can only imagine the stories other girls can add to this by their experiences. Either way- the struggle in the dating world is real and just finding someone who gets you is one of the biggest challenges as a young adult.

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My music is…
A blend of country and pop. I try to reach people on a deeper level with circumstances most people share: dating, leaving home, finding & building yourself, unreciprocated love, etc. I want listeners to feel a connection and like they’ve gained a friend. I know for myself, no matter what the subject, if someone else can relate to what I’m experiencing, I feel more comfortable to push through.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
My deepest struggle in life has been answering the question: who am I? Lots of people, especially young adults, feel pressured to make life impacting decisions by the time one’s 25 years old: pick a major with a decent salary, find a soul mate to settle down and have children with by 30, fit in so people think you’re fashionable/pretty/funny, find what you’re passionate about but make sure it can pay the bills and that your family approves of it– that we constantly lose touch with ourselves and miss the journey. My EP reflects the different struggles of what it’s like growing up, realizing the important things are actually not “things” at all, and discovering life’s many pockets of joy as a young adult.

Where do you create your music?: This may sound funny…they usually come out of thin air. Countless songs have come to me randomly in the shower. Others have come from being influenced by an existing song already, and I go on a tangent of my own song. The creative process is magical in the sense that I don’t know where I get it from- it usually just comes. In terms of collaborating, I love coming up with melodies or lyrics and presenting them to musicians who are better than me because they can offer chord variations or notes I haven’t thought of. I’ve always loved the studio because it has an energy field all its own. When the creative juices are flowing there’s no telling what harmonies you’ll come up with or what emotions will come through on a take. Unfortunately because of budget costs, I was unable to record live, but I am a huge fan of it because that’s the closest thing to what you’ll get in a live performance.

How do you stay focused and balance creating with life..: That’s a struggle I battle with every day. Life in general is a balance. Some days all I do is work, and other days all I do is play/create. One thing I’ve learned over the years of being a serious artist, is one feeds the other. If I spend time with someone or something, that’s creating a memory I may or may not choose to use for a song. Sometimes if I’m feeling stuck in my craft I’ll go out and do something outside my comfort zone to shake me up and live a little, then when I sit down and write there’s something new behind me.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?:

Write from yourself. What you know. What you’ve personally experienced.

I live in…
New York. The music scene here is lively and just as lucrative as Nashville and LA. New York is a fantastic place for artists to hone their craft, not just in music but for anyone whose passion is to create. NY is closer to my family too which plays a huge factor.

Website & social media links:
Insta: @rhi_rhi_radick
FB: Rhianna Radick Music
Twitter: @rhiannaradick
Snapchat: rhianna7918


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