I was having a difficult time, and a terrible evening. As I sat on the lounge, in an almost empty room except for a TV and my guitar, I was frustrated beyond a point of reason and wits. For a moment I just wanted to pick up my guitar and smash it right into the TV, just to release the frustration – @deanbeavermusic

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DEAN BEAVER
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Just For One Moment

It’s a song that I wrote about 8 years ago,
I was having a difficult time, and a terrible evening. As I sat on the lounge, in an almost empty room except for a TV and my guitar, I was frustrated beyond a point of reason and wits, For a moment I just wanted to pick up my guitar and smash it right into the TV, just to release the frustration.

Instead I picked up my guitar and started to play
a simple melody and sing along about how I felt, it kind of worked, and as I sang along it felt a bit better, and it occurred to me if I had acted impulsively I would have neither a TV or a Guitar, and would have nothing to do except to sit there and think grim thoughts.

The song sat tucked away in a writing pad for several years,
until I decided to pull it out one day and re-work it, it’s still the same song, though I could see it in a new light, so I decided to make use of it instead of simply discarding it. The song began in a serious situation, but it can be taken any way you like, it quite often gets a response of surprise or amusement by some due to the lyrical content, and some people have told me they can relate to the feeling.

The “Just For One Moment EP” is my first music production,
produced with my long time friend and fellow musician Damien Offer. It’s a diverse compilation of selected songs I personally chose, it’s quite experimental because I wanted to use it as a testing ground as I don’t really know what to expect from myself properly yet, and I’m interested to see how listeners respond to my various song styles. I’m still developing as a Songwriter and Artist in a sense. My hopes are that there is something in it for different people in different ways, and I’m quite sure there is. The EP also includes a Remix by Damien, so it’s definitely quite diverse.


I live in Western Australia, in the South West,
currently in Bunbury but I’ve only been here for a few months, it’s a Regional City though really more like a large town than a city. The musical tastes are diverse, I appreciate local talent and enjoy to see people writing their own songs and performing them however it suits them, I think it adds character to songs when you see the person behind them. The music scene here,  is reasonably active, though I would personally say there is not a lot of progressive opportunity for Songwriters and Musicians here, people tend to spread their activities around the region more. One good thing, is that Bunbury does have several designated Busking spots so there is some opportunity to get out any time if you want to. The South West Region in general has some great local talent and often Musos will know someone who knows someone, you know what I mean.

Regarding the pros and cons of Music Business,
well, where do I begin and end? I suppose it varies with different people, for me personally I find it difficult to learn so much technology and at the same time trying to focus on my songwriting and music. With so much to learn regarding Technology, Music, and Business, all at the same time, it can often be quite time consuming and mentally exhausting. On the good side of that, I think every Artist mostly just wants to create their art, and having the wide opportunities we have available makes that possible.

If I could spend five minutes of time with anyone,
I think it would be Willie Nelson. I really appreciate Willie’s songwriting style, it’s fairly straightforward yet he’s kind of a Lyrical Acrobat at times, and has been inspirational for me as a songwriter, but I’d like to just share his company, enjoy a tune by him on the piano or guitar. He puts so much feeling into his songs, and he seems like such a genuine soul.

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Website: http://deanbeavermusic.com
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2 thoughts on “(Behind The Music) Dean Beaver on Just For One Moment”

  1. Big Thanks to Jacqueline Jax and the AVA Live Radio Team, It’s a great work that you all do here, and it’s a real pleasure to have the opportunity to have my work presented here.
    Music and Song and Arts in general can be a powerful and strong foundation for us all, from those who create to those who simply appreciate, and I’m sure that with all the similarities and differences alike, we all stand on the same foundation.
    Kudos to all the Indie Artists, every one, with Respect and Regards, Dean Beaver ..

    1. That’s a wonderful thought Dean. I am a huge believer that our creative side is very grounding and builds confidence. It also reflects all the challenges that we have overcome and the character we have built. We love having you in our music community and can’t wait to be surprised and delighted by your future in music.

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