I was inspired to write this song one for some deep closure in my life. I have grown into a great young man but there was still parts of me however that wasn’t healed fully and doors that was still open.


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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DIRTY MURK
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Carlos Fenwick

I have always had ear for good sounds of music,
even in the late days cooking with my grandmother she would have the old goodies playing, and I would be
listening while coming up with my own versus in my head. At the age of 13 I started learning more about music and writing and putting sounds together, and that was all I needed from there on music was my life and a way to show my pain in a positive form.

My Life

This is a song about my life pain and many things I had to adore in my childhood.
I was inspired to write this song one for some deep closure in my life. I have grown into a great young man but there was still parts of me however that wasn’t healed fully and doors that was still open, also many questions that may never be answered but for me getting everything out it was a feeling of greater release from everything that I have held in for many years, and I have written many songs but knowing my healing may help someone else want to tell their story or no it’s OK other people really go through the same thing, I knew I had to write this song and get it out to the world. Back Story about how it was written:

For many Artist and songwriters they have a great story
about when and where they have done most of the writing in production of their music but for me I had to dig really deep for this one and knew I would be bringing up many painful things to get pain healed so I set up many long nights in the dark of my home with a cup of coffee in my thoughts no paper no sounds be for the words just me and my thoughts.

Support Artist:

What I want my fans to get from my music is all of me
I want to help others that are going through any kind of pain I want my fans to be able to look at me and no miracles are happening every day and in my music I’m going to always give you all of me and nothing but the truth but also I like to have fun with my music I like putting crazy sounds together to make great music so each album will always be something new and different to tune in to.


St. Mary’s Maryland
In my town it is very hard for independent artists to get there music known or even have their music played or heard.

At this point my perspective on the music industry,
is there are so many talented new and old artists and great music is being made, however we need more truth we need more artist to fight together and not amongst one another and not be upset because someone else’s music is moving the charts faster than yours. I would like to see all artists just continue to make good music for the fans.

I have seen and learned that no one will take you serious
and so you have A hit Record and you’re serious about your goals in the music industry.

Continue to put God first
and live your truth through your music and never give up.

If I could have five minutes alone with anyone it would be Dr. Dre
I say that because for years I have watched this man live his truth and turning nothing into so much more than even he himself doesn’t realize and through his blessings and journeys he is alwayswanting to help someone else along the way and encourage them he’s a true role model. /Users/rac/Desktop/Master My Life 080116.mp3 Thank you!”

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