Dobie My Everything Trinity of love, friendship and loyalty

Dobie My Everything Trinity of love, friendship and loyalty

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
host of A.V.A Live Radio

Band Name: Dobie
Person Interviewing: Vjeran Rubesa

Song name: My Everything
Music: Trance

This song is about my everything (my love) and hope. This is Trinity for Infinity version, Trinity of love, friendship and loyalty … and hope that it will lasto for infinity, but of course, hope is “bitch”.

Five words that describe my music are: melodic, powerful, emotional, simple and sound rich.
The musical expression for me is very important as melody that should carry the emotion, as well as a selection of sounds to support the emotion.

In the musical sense, like my other songs, my songs raise adrenaline and emotions.  So, you will be happy, you will feel energy, you will want to dance or you will be forced to drop tear.

Usually the main idea begins literally with piano or keyboard play. Further development is on computer in DAW application for production. During this process I cooperate with producer Brad Grobler from Rotterdam (BIG PRoducion Studio), and with my very good friend and producer Gordan Nia. My favorite music equipment is my piano, a 150-year-old Proksch pianino with English design/construction and exceptional sound, where most of the ideas come about.


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I grew up with a musical family. I enjoyed electronic producers like “Depeche mode”. Even thought there isn’t much of an audience for my music locally in the Croatian music scene, I have discovered a great audience in Europe and the US.

How do you stay focused and balance creating with life..
It is the eternal struggle of good and evil – LOL. Somehow I manage to balance work and music, but music is my way of relaxation and creativity, so it’s a pleasure. Also it is my way of shout out emotions out of me.

Best advise..
That was my friend Gordan Nia’s advice, he said to me: “You have talent. Just play with music, play like a kid, and you will get that primordial out of yourself.” .. and it was great and authentic advice.

I live in…
I have never followed the Croatian scene of electronic music because it is in fact nonexistent. In Ireland, I’m more concerned about work, but I have been following the European scene of electronic music ever since Kraftwerk.


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