An Electronic Circus of New EDM and Synth Music

An Electronic Circus of New EDM and Synth Music

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Pump up your week with hot new sounds and creations from popular dj’s and electronic music creators. Indie Pop, electronic, edm and dj mixes.

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Band Name: An-ya

Name of song: The Same Moon (Radio Edit)

Genre  : Pop, Electronic

An-ya is independent singer-songwriter, blessed with natural talent, great voice and unstoppable passionate drive. She began singing around the age of 5 and started to sing solos at a local church’s junior choir at the age of 6. Shortly after that An-ya started taking piano lessons and continued with her love for singing in the high school girls choir. Meanwhile she was also participating in some singing competitions. Music is a big part of her life and will always be her greatest and constant companion. She is inspired by Kelly Clarkson, moto of her life is “Think positive & positive things will happen.


Artist: Jamie Cain
Single: Ghost

Genre  : Pop/Indie/Synth-pop
A mix of soul and pop, new solo artist from Ohio. The song ‘Ghost’ was written for anyone who has ever experienced being with a totally conceited, egotistical jack*** and having that revolutionary “I deserve better” moment. As I was writing it, I was imagining standing on a pedestal with my girl squad back-up, calling this person out for their true colors. Wouldn’t that be liberating?

My music is Authentic, fun, and brutally honest.  This release represents my current direction because at one point was apart of how I was feeling and where I was in life. I used to think way too intricately about putting my music out there for people to hear and be so nervous about what listeners would think. One day I just said ‘screw it, if not today.. you never will.’ We change everyday, as we grow and learn and develop. Who knows, maybe I’ll want to write a bluegrass record tomorrow. I doubt it.. but if that’s how I feel, that’s what I’ll do.

Link to play::


Band Name: PyraKite

Single: Beauty Queen Remix

Genre: Electrica, ambient, triphop, indie pop
The electro remix of first single Beauty Queen from indie-pop band PyraKite.

Band Name: Nat Berhanu
Name of song: Sign Post(Break The Fear)
Need music

Genre : House/Dance Pop

This song is about a strong desire a person have about the one he/she loves. It is not about just physical desire attraction but friendship as well. Specially about a person who one loves or has strong desire for. Some people have the guts or courage to say it but this song is about the one who has kept it in so long to tell the person he has feelings for and one day it just blurts out frantically and luckily the opposite sex responds. Hi my name is Nat Berhanu and I am King Of Electronica. A multi genre artist who is also a keyboardist and guitar player.  I learned to play music by ear and continued through out the years by practising, writing lyrics etc.. I was in high school bands and participated in talent shows in high school. In 2016 I picked up electronica music and has continued on ever since.

Band Name: Moon Dust

New Single: Know Thyself

Artists names: Moon Dust feat. Kamau Abayomi 

Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Classical

Five years ago I stop working as a sculptor and built a small home studio to begin my own creative projects.. Moon Dust is my first musical project that brings purity and source to the many dimensions of music. The style is shadowly electronic trance funk noir with deathly white shimmering reverbs. There are many layers and facets to the pieces I create. It’s all about bringing a new life to the artistic journey that I’m on. Experiencing the world differently is our obligation.
LINKS: ( @moondust2014 )

Band Name: Fred Blue
Name of song: Playlist

Genre : Electronic / Downtempo
Fred Blue is an electronic french solo artist. Playlist from Fred Blue is listed as drum and bass. But it isn’t that. It also says House. But it isn’t that either. It says dance pop. But that’s to damn it with faint praise. There’s a bit of Wall of Sound here. There’s a bit of early Fat Boy Slim. But most of all there’s the kitchen sink and a really big party going on. This chucks in everything from guitars, breaks, samples and beats. It’s a glorious cornucopia of glamorous, good time goodness.



 Jenn and Glauco
Name of song: Wasted Love (Ode to an Ex)

Genre : pop, singer-songwriter
Jenn and Glauco is an Indie duo consisting of Jenn Rodgers from Louisiana and Glauco Wander Beall from Brazil. Glauco composes the tracks and Jenn writes lyrics and sings vocals. The song Wasted Love (Ode to an Ex) is just that, it is an ode to an ex of Jenn Rodgers who ended up breaking his promise of giving up on her. Although it ended up being for the best, it still was painful at the time. So, when she became a singer/songwriter she put her feelings into lyrics. And with the help of Glauco (GWB70) creating the track, Wasted Love was born. We experimented and gave it an 80’s electric kind of feel to it.