Interesting story about writing this one:
I remember being up really late one night playing with this new electric guitar pedal called the Adrenalinn iii @EliTidmoreMusic

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ELI TIDMORE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music has always had some kind of role in my life.
I (along with my older siblings) took piano lessons as a kid. My brother went on to major in music on the organ and piano. I started playing the guitar in the 4th grade. I remember being given a Rickenbacker 325 (the same kind of guitar John Lennon played in the early Beatles years) and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. From then on it has just kept progressing to where I am now.

Ready to Go

Interesting story about writing this one:
I remember being up really late one night playing with this new electric guitar pedal called the Adrenalinn iii.

I recorded a small demo and sat with it for about 2 years.
The guitar effect never even made it into the song but it definitely inspired the overall feel. I wrote each verse about a couple months apart about different things I was going through in my life. The struggles of a young adult moving off to live in the city, and staying faithful and loving to my girlfriend of almost 5 years. Everyone knows that feeling of being “Ready to Go” but not knowing where to go, which I think is the overall message that I tried to portray in the song.

My album “Chameleon” is hopefully going to be out before the end of 2016.
The name comes from the nature of the songs individual uniqueness amongst themselves but still connecting with a cohesive theme. My two singles “Vienna” and “Ready to Go” are examples of what to expect but with much more variety to come. I am very excited about getting it out there for everyone to listen to. The album is very special to me because I’ve lived the last 3 years of my life writing and critiquing these songs, so they have been adapting with me as I experience new struggles and triumphs. I’m trying to create something people can connect with using multiple genres of music. That to me has been a major motivator while creating “Chameleon”.


I live in Athens, TX.
It’s a small East Texas town, but it has its merits. There are some great local businesses that are picking up steam when it comes to live entertainment. There’s the Athens Brewing Co. and a variety of local wineries such as 3 P’s in a Vine and White Fox. All of which I have had the pleasure of playing at and absolutely love the atmosphere.

The music business is a tricky market
and everybody knows the struggles involved with getting into it.
We’re just hoping we can bring our edge to the game and hoping to put out some really excellent material. My producer/manager Evan Lick and I are doing our best to learn and familiarize ourselves with the music business as we go.

Pros: free drinks, the ability to express yourself freely,
finger calluses, being able to create something that means something to people, did I mention free drinks? Cons: You can try as hard as you can but you might just not make it, the struggles of balancing a real job with your dream job, and the uncertainty of your pay if you play for tips.

I turn my struggles into triumphs by remembering at the end of the day
the music is what this is all about. This last year has been the most focused and clear headed I’ve been in a while when it comes to making music. I feel these songs are going to be a good representation of the ideas I hope to convey in the music industry. That’s what keeps me going.

There is too many to name!
Right now I would have to go with Kanye West, I love the music he creates and the way he presents it. It really inspires me how far we can take music and melodies and turn them into something with cultural and artistic significance. I would love to make a song with him one day. That would definitely be something, it might not be good, but it would be something.

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