(Behind The Music) Ember ATom on What You Came For

(Behind The Music) Ember ATom on What You Came For


This album is the anthem to the life I have lived, the struggles I have faced and the world as I see it. It is a celebration of our ability to do whatever we want, to express and exist beyond any boundaries or expectations. –  @EmberAtom

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW EMBER ATOM
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

POP/ROCKSTAR is the culmination of my musical journey to this point.
I grew up in a divorced family and picked up my dad’s guitar and started teaching myself to play. Music is the true form of self expression for me, it is the best way for me to interpret and explain the world around me. At the pinnacle of my teenage music life, I was playing shows and being considered for minor label and tour opportunities. But instead I joined the Army at age 18 as a combat leader.

What You Came For

I spent the next 8 years rising through the rank of Captain,
deploying to Afghanistan and commanding a 45 person mechanized infantry platoon in Kandahar Province. When it finally came time to part ways with the military and reconnect with music professionally, I was a very different person.

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This album is the anthem to the life I have lived,
the struggles I have faced and the world as I see it. It is a celebration of our ability to do whatever we want, to express and exist beyond any boundaries or expectations. I am originally a rock/punk musician but I love everything (except for country… lol), so POP/ROCKSTAR embodies the spirit of my full musical world. No barriers, no exceptions, no races, no religions and no restrictions; Transcendence.

POP/ROCKSTAR has something for almost anyone;
Rock, EDM, Pop, Hip-hop, Ballads, Alt and whatever else. I never put a specific intent behind a song sonically, I focused on an idea or a feeling and just let it ride.


I am actually Canadian (surprise!),
I was born in Toronto ON (#drake+Weeknd) and live in Calgary AB (think Canada’s Texas) and I split time between here and LA often enough. The music scene in Calgary is in turmoil. It is dying in many respects, the local underground dried up since I was a kid and I am personally working to try and breath life back into it. Working with local labels, radio, businesses and other music professionals; we are looking to create the musical movement that every community should have. But I am a Citizen of the world, I focus on nowhere specifically and really try to connect globally. So far I am seeing the most support in the US CMJ, Australia / NZ, Europe, and Asia!

The music business is a jungle that seems to like lighting itself
on fire and then complains about the heat… lol. It’s an ecosystem that has really been in constant turmoil since I have been a part of it. Talking about the present, it’s like the day after a devastating storm; everyone seems to be just trying to get their bearings and figure out where to go to survive. Like anything in the entertainment economy, I would say that we are all in the midst of resolving our existential crisis. Where do we fit in? Who are our fans and who are our consumers? When did these two elements split? How and why do things succeed? Who is working on solutions and who is working to try and keep things the way they were?

To paraphrase Mos Def – “We are alive in amazing times; Delicate Hearts, Diabolical Minds”.
The road is both wide open but extremely volatile and fraught with danger. But the coolest thing about a system in flux is that we can really change things and we can really do amazing things. I think music is much more convoluted now, because the market is totally saturated. But we are also seeing an amazing amount of growth and innovation. Most importantly, we are starting to see a re-connection between fans and artists; the rest of the industry is having to adjust to the true people’s choice effect. We simply need legislation and protection of artist/creator rights to catch up with technology. Streaming is brilliant and needs to continue to grow, as it is the method people most identify with for accessing music. But it needs to be forced to compensate artists appropriately, as we are basically slaves and laborers supporting the very people who are devaluating us in the first place. And we are helpless on our own, without direct intervention. But people like you and other partners I have (see Symphonic Distribution!) are doing a great job trying to balance the scales in lieu of regulation.

Kanye West. I think that he may be the smartest person in entertainment today
and he may, in fact, have some amazing ideas about healing the world. I don’t agree with everything he says and does, but he is a renegade self-declared visionary who has done nothing but rise in this world. I feel like everyone has to respect him, even if it is with severe reprimand. I’d also just really like to know what the real person is like, not his public persona. I feel like drinks, cigars and a good chunk of time with him would stir up some of the most engaging and important (if nothing else, entertaining!) conversations I’ve ever had. Also, I heard he is going to run for Prez in 2020, and assuming DTRJ (The ROCK) doesn’t also run, he may have a real shot at winning based on 2016 lol.

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