jacquelinejax-avaliveradio-behindthemusicJoin host Jacqueline Jax for a Behind the Music interviews broadcasting live from our South Florida studio.

Birmingham, England hiphop artist Kinnie Daley raps his way into our hearts with his new song H.E.R. Pre interview discussed about the challenges of signing with a label vs having complete creative control over your career.
UK producer DJ W from Gosport, Hampshire shares his thoughts on today’s DJ craze and the difficulties of the business. What equipment should you think about using, learning old style techniques and how DJ’s are getting their music out to the masses.

Janet Odan songwriter from Sydney Australia shares her feelings on the local music business and the challenges of the processes. As well as building your fan base through youtube and how she’s enjoying the space.
“Supporting musicians today ensures that the music will be there to support you tomorrow.”

Live Interview Episode #390 : http://tobtr.com/9605871

Featured Artist:
Kinnie Daley
 Janet Odani

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