Episode #566 Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Episode #566 Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

This powerful episode brought together a group of super talented musicians to discuss all the essentials of music creation and marketing. We dove really deep into topics that aren’t often discussed opening up so many conversations about the music business.


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Take a look at some of the conversations because these artists really brought their a-game to the table:


Live Interview feed 1 Fridays Show:
Episode #566 A, B & C : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/avaliveradio/2018/02/22/episode-566-ava-live-radio-behind-the-music-with-jacqueline-jax


1:00 pm et : No Name Blues – She’s Bad

Behind The Music With No Name Blues And Their Song She’s Bad http://lsh.re/1NALY

Making your stage show more relatable. How to identify with the psychology of your follows to make sure your delivering what they want. The simplicity of song writing to keep the music in play.

How Nashville improves artist traction on social media and the demand for entertainment raises the standards. Aligning with your allies.

Understanding your market vs supply and demand. Strategy for youtube, spotify and streaming promotion through collaborative arrangements. The focus on indie radio in the market today.

Performing live is one of the best ways to get the attention of new fans and market your band to a larger audience by utilizing the moment for streaming content. Start by focusing on your local scene, and don’t hesitate to play charity events, fundraisers, or private events in between your music venue/bar gigs then use the moment to document your journey on social media. Step up that marketing by incorporating the audience so they will seek you out on social.

1:20 pm et: Airplay with Jacqueline Jax


1:40 pm et: SILENT The Band – Coming Home

Gus Andriew of Brazilian rock band Silent on new release ‘Coming Home’ http://lsh.re/1NHMT

Lyrics driven and melodic rock song from todays rock band Silent. This song is about being around the ones you love. About going back to that place where your stories really matter and where you’ll be surrounded by the people you want to share your life with. That’s where home is.

We love big choruses and guitar riffs. We try to use some of our Brazilian musicality in the harmony and vocals without losing the hard rock drive that moves us.

Targeting and finding your niche listener. Association of old and new band audiences. Looking at your statistics and making a strategy for reaching your audience.

How to place markers out on social media to attract and receive feedback that builds relationships. The importance of nurturing those Super fans and how to harness the benefits of viral marketing.

The reality of what it’s like to sign with a major label and how that experience changes your mindset and outlook for your marketing future.

How to leverage the power of Youtube. Video is a powerful medium for band marketing. By adding a visual layer to your artistry, you’re reinforcing your brand while allowing fans to connect with your music in a deeper way plus youtube allows you to utilize search and inventory to grab more attention than the traditional 3 second scan coming from most social media platform newsfeeds.

YouTube is one of the first places people search when they’re trying to find a specific song and todays Vlogs are replacing cable tv so it’s important to become a part of that current and future trend.

2:00 Karim Baggili – Chrome

Karim Baggili and His New Creation Chrome http://lsh.re/1N0YX

Belgium artist decides to push forward with his career with a second full release incorporating his own vocal with a mix of styles.

Focusing on a non-traditional album cover that helps to tell the story of the music. For Karim he worked with an artist to paint a magical speedway that never ends that expresses not only his vision for the future but also tells his trump on continued musical production.

Speaking about the balance between social media perfection and authenticity. How to improve your instagram feed with new hacks for gaining more traction.

Managing social media pages can quickly get overwhelming without a plan so the key is to focus on where your fans (and potential new fans) are most active and create the right content for the platform.

It’s really important to have presence on several social media pages but often having just 3 main styles of positing is all that is necessary to document an effective story in between music releases.

Instagram has some challenges with it’s recent reach limitations imposed by their new algorithm but with a few crafty hacks, you can beat the system and flourish on the platform.


Saturdays show:

Episode #566 : Behind The Music with Mena Fall : A.V.A Live Radio host Jacqueline Jax

1pm et: Mena Fall – Who Was I

Discussing the most common conversations that all musicians face.

Finding your own sound and making sure it fits your brand and the type of music you love to make.

“It’s important to come into your own no matter how long that takes. For me my New Orleans influences have helped me to develop my own journey. “

The importance of your production team and the roll they can take in helping you stay on track once you capture something special.

To get to your true voice and be able to demonstrate it you’ve got to be willing to risk exposing your own vulnerability. That’s also why having the right team of people that can support your expression is a key to greatness.



1:20 pm et Troy Patterson – Love Lessons

Behind The Music With Troy Patterson and His “Love Lessons” http://lsh.re/1NBIX

Don’t ever try to do or be what people expect you to do or be. Like my mother always says “To thine own self be true.” Do what you like and the rest will fall into place as need be. Troy Patterson Jr.

The essence of a true artists and how they can document the journey in a more powerful way.

Iconic photography and documentation is everything. The importance of listening to your audience to help you plan your content.

Designing a content strategy that can blow through the noise and make a huge impact in your growth. Social media impact.

Love and growth as an individual who has a passion for their music. Listen as Troy plans to create the most impactful brand you’ve ever seen.



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