Eugene Landry of GI Outhagate on new track ‘Work’ and living life

Eugene Landry of GI Outhagate on new track ‘Work’ and living life

GI Outhagate

This song is about Work… not only work as in working for someone, or for pay, but also in terms of the daily grind, just living and getting on.

I try to make my music fit everyone and for it to be relatable. But at the same time genuine, me, myself and my feelings – whether good or bad.

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Eugene Landry


Song name: Work

Genre: Rap

My music is Me. Me on my fun days, mad days, sad days.

I try to make my music fit everyone and for it to be relatable. But at the same time genuine, me, myself and my feelings – whether good or bad. To my audience I hope my music is a tool to help them cope with things through hearing a certain song. I hope it’s fufilling for what they may need at that moment, so whether that’s something fun or emotional, something that makes you think about a time in your life or a person you came up with or lost. Because that’s how I am when I wanna hear music.

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Your current direction…
I’m working constantly. Whether I’m in the studio for my music or at my 9 to 5 for my family’s needs (bills, kids, school, etc). That’s why I feel in a way this song at this time represents the different emotions I’m currently going through. From just having fun living life, to being angry at certain circumstances, to coping with the struggles in my environment and all the while having a “work for it” attitude.

Regardless of what’s going on, you still gotta work!

Getting creative…
I create music anywhere, wherever I think of something. I might be at the store so just write it in my notepad app on the phone, but I prefer being in the typical studio environment – you know, with the gang hanging around, smoke in the air, the track we’re working on playing loud through the speakers! It depends on my vibe. I also like being alone, writing to no track and finding the producer to make a beat around the song.

GI Outhagate

Staying focused…
It can be hard sometimes when you don’t see the progress you expected or envisioned for yourself. But on the flip side that’s how I know it will be deeper for me than just “making it” with music, because I just like to do it sometimes. Writing music may motivate me and inspire me some days, but then I have my days when I say ‘naww not today!’ All in all though I’m doing my music to better the life of those around me. That’s the main goal, so I got to stay focused if I ever want to be able to make that possible.  I’m always grateful, just a little impatient at times!

What music advice has changed your way of thinking?
The big ‘Marketing Game’. I see so many talented artists who are unsigned or who may never get a chance at reaching the next level just due to a lack of investing in promotion and marketing of themselves.

Nowadays it feels like the song doesn’t even have to be all that “hot”, if you’re pushing it consistently and in the right places you may end up with a distribution deal. I have so much unreleased music just because I’m hesitant to just put it out there and therefore it’s not getting pushed or properly promoted.

I live in New Orleans. I love hearing underground artists from my city. I think the majority of us could make it today or tomorrow. I know from experience of living in other cities like Atlanta and Charlotte, NC that we as a city could do more to support each other as local artists. Radio stations, DJs, music pioneers from the local area – we can all do more to help others. But I don’t knock them for not always doing so. I believe people can work together more as a city, like we see other big cities doing,  breaking new artists, eating together and to not be as divided all the time. But from what my city goes through on an everyday basis, with gun violence and poverty stricken neighborhoods, I also understand the people on our music scene show mad love to the community and that it’s actually an inspiration through the tough times.

New Orleans is a music city, so the music is always going to be about where you fit in.

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