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Monte rosa

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Personal Interview:
Jacqueline Jax: What are three things that would surprise us to know about you?
Monte Rosa: I enjoy learning new things about life, my career, and anything that surrounds me.
I really get a kick out of doing things without planning them too much. Last minute plans I think are sometimes what keeps things in a bright spark. My family is always very important, no matter what success I achieve, I always look back at my roots for more inspirations and to keep my self grounded.

Jacqueline Jax: How do you feel about the music business today?
Monte Rosa: The Music business is good today if you work hard and push your craft to the best of your abilities. I can have many personal opinions on this topic, but really it won’t be a fare thing to say my opinions, when facts are what really show how this “business” is and will be as long as all people involved in it don’t get more involved in owning it’s development at every level of professionalism within it.

Jacqueline Jax: Who was the single most influential person in your music journey so far?
Monte Rosa: Impossible and unfair to give credit to just “one person”. Too many to name them here. I can easily say that everyone that I’ve come to play music with from the first day I picked up a guitar, and even before I became a songwriter, has something to do with me still doing music today. No exaggeration.

Monte rosa

Artists Bio::
In today’s ultra competitive and saturated music industry, few artists have come along that make a name for themselves the old fashioned way … through great music, killer live shows and one-on-one contact with fans. From the very beginning, Monte*Rosa’s unique style of music, stage antics and hard work have created a steady and loud buzz within the music scene; earning the title as “BEST IN THE USA – by BOOM Magazine” on their annual “Best of… Issue” (January 2006). The honor is well deserved. In just a few months since its release, Monte*Rosa’s first single – Me La Robo – was #1 in Puerto Rico’s leading rock station; earned a steady presence in Sirius Satellite Radio’s Universo Latino’s Alternativa Ñ Show and was a Buzzworthy video in MTV Español.

The second single – Mi Cielo Perdió un Angel, based on Monte*Rosa’s own experiences dealing with the ending of a five year marriage – has earned more praise and even brought more attention to this artist’s amazing songwriting skills. Amongst peers, he is respected. This respect has earned the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Bacilos, Los Amigos Invisibles, Black Guayaba, Rabanes and Caramelos de Cianuro, just to name a few.After the release of Monte*Rosa, Yahoo!Música highlighted him as one of the best to come out of Miami in the past few years.

On tour, Monte*Rosa visited Orlando, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC and finally, Puerto Rico. Highlights? Playing the famous Hard Rock Café in San Juan and doing everything rock n’ roll style… no glitz or glamour, just the heart and desire to share the music. In the past 18 months Monte*Rosa continued performing throughout the USA and visited his native Colombia on various occasions, the time became one of reflection and the birth of a long anticipated follow up.

Conquering obstacles and barriers behest on today’s independent artist, Monte*Rosa celebrates the birth of his second full length production “12 Historias en 3 Tonos” (“12 Stories in 3 Shades”) released October 23rd exclusively in digital format. “12 Historias en 3 Tonos” is loaded with personal and social lyrics accompanied by new musical elements and sounds that conquers the hearts of every existing Monte*Rosa admirer and of music lovers in general.

Monte rosa

Visit the artist web site: monterosamusic.com

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