Featured Artist: Robb Hill

Featured Artist: Robb Hill

  Robb Hill Rock music

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Personal Interview:
Jacqueline Jax: Tell me something surprising about yourself
Robb Hill: I grew up on a sheep farm, was a goalie in hockey from age 7-17, and I teach tennis. I’ve also performed stand-up comedy, and use it now to liven up music shows.

Jacqueline: What do you feel is important for an artist to to consider in today’s music business?
Robb: Having a phenomenal live act that an audience remembers for uniqueness should help in an artist’s success. An advantage is it’s easier to get your music onto public avenues, but there’s so much information/ clutter that true music lovers have to dig for the gold. It’s challenging, but in the end I feel that well written songs with your full heart and energy in them will prevail.  Hopefully the public with realize their $1.00 song contribution is more important than currently thought. Less free streaming, and more supporting.

Jacqueline: What have you always wanted to do if your ever given the chance?
Robb: Performing my music around the world, and being able to take in the history and timeless sites
each country has to offer.

Jacqueline: Which words best define your music?
Robb: Heartfelt- through experience, mistakes and learning, I’ve seen and felt many facets of life
Energy- my passion and upbeat rhythm get the audience in dance mode
Familiar- I feel my music relates to many people that have experienced the good and the bad of life
Motivated- I enjoy the challenge and fulfillment of writing a great song, and sharing it with the people
Creative- I enjoy making new music and art, as well as organizing one-of-a-kind music shows with other acts
Adventurous- I’m always open to travel, taking chances on new ventures, and seeing where it can lead

Robb Hill Rock music
Robb Hill Rock musicsArtist bio:
Robb Hill has been performing live shows since 2004.
Born in Ontario, Canada, Robb moved to Vancouver BC in 2005 where he immediately enjoyed the vibrant music scene.  Forming the alt rock band Brave By Numbers in 2006, Hill played with various bandmates in Vancouver at such venues at The Roxy, Railway Club, The Bourbon & The Cellar. Hill toured Canada in summer 2011 and 2012.
With influences ranging from Foo Fighters, The Doors, Tom Petty, The Killers, Sam Roberts, and Pearl Jam, Hill combines high energy guitar rhythm, memorable lyrics and a danceable element.
Now focusing on his solo career, Hill enjoys collaborating with other musicians and the opportunities
that arise from performing acoustic and band shows.
Hill’s stage presence draws in the crowd with his witty stories and audience interaction.
He takes pride in booking other bands and promoting shows.  Hill hosts a podcast with up and coming North American acts’ songs showcased.

His album Come On In is available for download Bandcamp.

Twitter: @robbhillmusic


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