Featured Artist: Shamiah Trenae

Shamiah music artist
Shamiah is a singer/writer/performer that is going to fit in among the music industries elite artist with no problem. She is fun, looks good, and is actually talented (no pun intended). If compared, she is a mixture of Lisa Left Eye, Pink, and Rihanna. She can have you rocking in the club with records like her single “Nothing Like This”and “You Can’t Tell Me Nothing” to having you laid back with a sweet serenade such as “Love” another one of her hit songs. She is the total package, eye and ear candy wrapped in one!
Shamiah music artist

Shamiah Trenae- ” I currently attend Middle Tennessee State University. I was born in Beloit, Wisconsin and later moved to Jackson, Tennessee at the age of 6. Music and dance have always been my inspiration. I started off singing and dancing at the age of 8 in the church choir. As I got older, music started to mean more to me. As my whole family started singing, it began to grow on me. I decided that I wanted to become an entertainer while in college. Music is sort of a get-away for me. To me, music is a form of expression.”

Shamiah music artist

Jacqueline Jax: Tell me 3 interesting facts about yourself.
Shamiah Trenae: I love sports! My favorite teams are the LA Lakers and the Greenbay Packers!
I am originally from Beloit, WI. And I’ve played college rugby for 2 years!

Jacqueline: How do you feel about the music business today?
Shamiah: I feel it is very wide ranged and a hard profession to break into. It could either make or break an artist so you better be prepared. I feel like if you get where you want, it would be well worth the experience in the end.

Jacqueline: What 3 words best define your music and why?
Shamiah: Positive, fun and inspiring.
I am trying to bring something back to music by keeping it positive and fun. Music that does what it was made for, makes you want to sing along and dance with the beat. I also can slow it down with an inspiring ballad that hopefully can help some people get through the very same problems I have been through.

Songs: “Nothing Like This” and “Love”
Owner(s):Written by Maurice Carmon Mlyrics
Produced by The Iron Mavericks

Song: You Can’t Tell Me Nothin

Owner(s):Written by Maurice Carmon “Mlyrics”
Produced by KodeezieProductions

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