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Personal Interview:

Jacqueline Jax: Tell me three interesting facts about yourself.
Tom Jackson: I was signed to a 3 year record deal with Glen Kolotkin who work for Clive Davis, that sat on the shelf. I am married to my best friend of 6 years, I am born and raised in South Florida, I’m a huge out doors-man, hunting, fishing, camping, ect.

Jacqueline: What would you most like to change about traditional radio?
Tom: I really wish that some local artist who have proven themselves could have the chance to be heard on radio. I can’t tell you how many times I am asked when they are going to hear my music on radio.. and when they call in to the stations get no response.

Jacqueline: What 3 words best define your music?
Tom: “The Real Me”, I write about life, from getting dirty in the mud, to hunting in the woods, or my wife having a bad day at work to writing her a love song, to people dealing with alzheimer’s to respect I have for our men and women in the military.

Visit the artists web page: www.tomjacksonsband.com



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