Fresh For Life Sound

New Single: I’m Back

Genre / Sub-genre : Rap/hip-hop

Rap and hip hop artist from Verdunville Louisiana. I make music because I love it.

I plan to do this as a career and make money to provide for my family and open doors for those who have a passion for music. I’m just passionate about life all together. I remember coming up they would ask.

What do you wanna be? Everybody wanted to be whatever they found in the school books. Not me on the inside I didn’t know what career to choose out the book because all I ever wanted was to be me.

Born A Miracle. Don’t let your circumstances define you. God has the last say so… PAIN HAS Lead me back 2 my purpose. I been dealing with back and body pain everyday since 2014. God’s plan is the Greatest. Be you and you will always win.

Have you heard this yet? “Im Back” by yours truly 🙌