{Game Changers with Jacqueline Jax} Tim Savage Founder of Talent Attach

{Game Changers with Jacqueline Jax} Tim Savage Founder of Talent Attach

Tim Savage TalentAttach

Jacqueline Jax logo photoJoin host Jacqueline Jax as she sits down with Tim Savage founder of Talent Attach. This live broadcast will feature topics including: social media, building networks for your business, the importance of content creation, and time management for today’s entrepreneurs.
If you want to be a Game Changer in today’s high tech world, you shouldn’t miss this show. We will be discussing what it takes to be successful by offering you personal Insights and tips from Tim Savage and Jacqueline Jax.
It’s not often that you get a chance to meet a content marketing strategist who really has a solid plan for success. Tim gets to the bare root of today’s marketing mishaps and offers up a list of things you can do to market your product, music or projects like a pro. As an experienced content creator myself, I have no doubt that this plan we are bringing results. It is important that you focus on being consistent with anything that you do. In the marketing of your products or services, you must focus on creating a realistic schedule that you can follow regularly towards a goal that you set for yourself. Perhaps that goal will be to acquire a particular number of followers or increase your income to some degree. Which ever your goal may be, the show that we created for you to learn from will provide you with valuable information and methods to achieve that result. We would love to see you on social media as well sharing your projects and success with us.

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Jacqueline: Tell me 3 things about yourself…
1) Freestyle Emcee
2) Married to the Love of my Life.
3) I work in Publishing because I am passionate about delivering excellent content from authentic people about exciting topics.

Jacqueline: What does the world of Internet commerce look like to you?
Tim: eCommerce is the opportunity to provide products or services to the specific people that are interested in buying them. I sell products online for my and my clients. If you consistently let people know about your products or services, they will eventually buy.

Jacqueline: How have you been impressed by the use of social media to promote your business?
Tim: I have launched two social media networks and countless brands on Social Media. We have seen initiatives reach millions for international brands and hundreds for local brands. The goal is always the same, a return on investment.

Jacqueline: Why do you choose to have internet publications as opposed to printed magazines?
Tim: We have internet publications to justify what is best to be published and who are the best writers to use.

Jacqueline: How are Advertisers reacting to internet magazine advertising as opposed to traditional print?
Tim: Advertisers love to see action around their brand from online advertising. We provide that by helping them craft their message from it’s inception as to have the widest reach and largest return on investment.

Jacqueline: What is the future of the Internet magazine?
Tim: The future of the internet magazine is Real people writing authentic stories about their lives on a regular basis.

Jacqueline: How do you feel a blog style site has the advantage over a traditional web site?
Tim: Writing your content in a blog style brings an activity to your content that a classic website lacks.

Jacqueline: What is your best advise for reaching millions of people quickly? Both for personal brands and business brands.
Tim: The easiest way to reach millions is to set the proper expectations. Think resources of time, finances and people power.

Jacqueline: How do you feel about using multimedia in your publications? What do you use and how do you feel it contributes to your content?
Tim: The best content is always a combination of text, photo, video and audio in that order. The internet gives us the opportunity to use all of our senses.

Jacqueline: How do you feel that you will be a Game Changer in 2015?
Tim: I am committed to giving a voice to culturalists. The people who love what they do and who they are. Through me, they will have a voice.




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