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I think that most artists whether they’re artists, authors, or musicians, God plants that specific gene, his plan for them. That seed grows and evolves. – @garrettband

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW GARRETT
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

William Garrett and Nannette Garrett
William: I don’t know exactly when, I can’t pinpoint any specific moment…
I think that most artists whether they’re artists, authors, or musicians, God plants that specific gene, his plan for them. That seed grows and evolves. I can tell you who has inspired me, Robin Trower and KISS. In 1977, sneaking into a Trower concert in Greensboro Coliseum and seeing and meeting him. Then, KISS many times in their early glory days. I have Played in many cover bands during late 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager.

Nannette: I always remember music being in my life as a very young child listening…
to the radio in the car or at my grandmothers house listening to all my relatives at the piano singing in different harmonies. I come from a big musical family of self taught musicians and God given vocal talent. I sang by myself in church with my mother on piano around 4 or 5 and then we did some local talent shows for awhile when I was 7-8. I grew up listening to pop music then when I started hearing bands like KISS and Heart, I knew I was destined to rock. I started on piano at 5 for a short time, drums at 11 and then gradually moved from struggling with guitar to fronting a few cover bands then finding the bass as my main instrument along with singing.


William: My dad was tormented by his time in Korea his entire life.
He had PTSD shell shock. I would be 5 years old and want a hug from Dad and hear I love you from him but he’d be drunk on Veterans Day and Memorial Day and I didn’t understand it then.

Nannette: William wrote HERO about the military,
for the military and as a tribute to the military. Whether they are active soldiers, veterans, or the ones who laid down their lives for their country.  USA!!

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William: Our music comes from the heart, no filler songs! Our songs are…
influenced by the 70’s, which we think was the best decade for rock-n-roll.Its an escape from the mediocre music of today’s top 40 pop, where everything is auto tune. There’s nothing fake or artificial. We’re old school rock-n-roll.Our songs are back to the days of true musicianship, where music and lyrical quality, the content, made sense. Good open guitar and bass that don’t sound like chainsaws and no unintelligible vocals you can’t understand. Similar to Def Leppard, where every song tells a different story.

Nannette: I’d describe us as a modern day Fleetwood Mac meets Lady Antebellum with heavier
guitars. We want to bring back melodic guitar rock, make America Rock Again!! lol. North Carolina…


Nannette: We’re in eastern NC and the few and far between small bar scene is covered and we’ve
been there, done that. The closest music scene would be Raleigh and there seems to be more heavier acts as far as original music. The smaller clubs have gone country. There just aren’t many places for a rock band to play.

GARRETT musician

William: I feel the music business is…
very cut throat and was ruined back in the day by MTV and Napster. You need to have a big fan base to buy your music and merchandise.

Nannette: Our fan base is growing and our music is…
being played regularly on many independent stations in different countries all over the world. Social media has definitely helped us get our music out there, especially lately on Twitter and Instagram but disheartened about the lack of sales!

William: I love to play live but at our level there is no glory and certainly no pay!

Nannette: I network daily through…
all of our social media and I am glued to it promoting our songs, old and new. I’m constantly looking for new ways to license our tunes and get our music out there. We have been on a few charts in the UK and also a station in the UK on a Top 5 chart and in New Jersey have had The Island on their Top 10 countdown a few times. Last week we were on 2 Top 10 and Top 5 countdown charts for indies. It’s just a struggle financially to sell singles or to try and make money on YouTube.

Albums vs singles…
William: I wish it was still the good ole days of course….
I’d rather release an entire album, concept albums. Most artists over 40 remembers the 3-5 album deal, the 360, you had the label behind you hopefully. It seems the indie artists are screwed, the way it is now. No signing deal, no advance money, no great producers like Kevin Shirley, Bob Rock, Terry Brown. New bands always have a huge uphill climb. Still, I want to be in show business at the end of the day. I still believe it can happen in your 40’s, 50’s.

Nannette: I believe singles are  the way to go…
We have many that we’re working on for the future. We have about 10 complete bed tracks that we have to finish vocals and re-do guitar and bass tracks. We live in a very small town and have to travel to record, so it’s a slow process to release our singles. We hope to have a new one very soon.

I’m the social media promoter…
Daily over the last year and a half unless sick or if one of our twins is sick. We have definitely benefited from social media for helping me to find the stations to submit for AirPlay in different countries and gaining fans in those countries. We couldn’t have done that without the social media access. We grow Twitter followers daily and are getting AirPlay multiple times daily on over a dozen or more stations that we’re aware of, if we’re tagged in their posts. A few hundred stations have been playing our new songs and going back to our older songs as well.

William: I have already met my influences…
including Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS, Robin Trower, BB King, and Ted Nugent.

Nannette: I’ve met my major influences also…
Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, but would love more time to talk. I’d love to sing with them. We both also met Doc McGhee and he said to send him some tunes.

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