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Jacquelinejax_ava_live_radioGet ready for an awesome week at …

Monday: The Hottest Viral Marketing Strategy Sweeping the World
More and more brands are now devising content strategies beyond traditional advertising to draw bigger and more engaged audiences. These strategies are pumping in as many as 7.1 million people in a 24 hour viral flash. Do you know what those strategies are? Find out Monday on my next newsletter. Don’t miss it subscribe now:

New Music Monday:
Join host Jacqueline Jax for New Music Monday featuring Acoustic singer songwriter Naomi Psalm. Talking about topics like what is the biggest challenge that you have faced as an indie artist, how did you overcome it and narrowing down your niche.
Music lineup: Glenn Goss, Ryan Stone, Robb Hill, Brian J Cline, Carla Jo Carr

Tuesday: Hot Topic Tuesday: Top 10 Tips for Making a Viral Video::
Join me live as I explain the how to… researched from the top guru’s in the biz.

Wednesday: Picking Up Your Marketing Pace::
Why it’s important and I have a great plan to get you going.

Thursday: Striking a Balance::
Find out my secrets on when to engage and when to work.

Friday: 5 Things to remember for creating meaningful content::
Are you out of ideas? Do you hear crickets when you look at your web stats? Never fear because I have some great things to share.

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