Rock Band Heavy AmericA releases New Song ‘Heavy Eyes’

Rock Band Heavy AmericA releases New Song ‘Heavy Eyes’

Band Name: Heavy AmericA

Song name: Heavy Eyes

Music Genre:: Rock

I live in: Boston, MA. USA

When my daughter was a baby, I would watch a smile come across her face as she fell off to sleep and wonder “what’s she dreaming about?” “Heavy Eyes” is my best interpretation of what may have been going through her head. Untainted innocence.


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My music is what holds me together. It’s my alpha and omega. The songs I write tell the stories of what I’ve been through and what I’m going through and the albums are the chapters of my life. When I die I shouldn’t need an obituary, my discography will tell my story and live on a lot longer than a blip in the Sunday paper.

Michael T. Seguin – lead vocals, guitar
Budd Lapham – bass, vocals
Dan Fried – drums, vocals
Person Interviewing: Michael Seguin

The release of “Heavy Eyes” as a single wasn’t really meant to represent a change of direction. It was more to showcase our ability as a hard rock group to step outside the genre and create experimental music that can cross many genres. I love cheeseburgers, but if I eat them everyday, eventually, I won’t like them anymore.

Great Advise..
 Try not to worry too much about what the other bands in your scene are doing. It’s not a competition. Everyone’s definition of success is different and the roads we take to get there are not the same. Exploit your natural abilities, stay true to your craft and to yourself and your music will find its audience.

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