(Behind The Music) Heez on Sunday

(Behind The Music) Heez on Sunday


Sunday. I wrote this song about an event that happened about a year and a half prior to the song being written, but it’s from the perspective of the present me – @heezdepaula

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW HEEZ
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I wrote this song about an event
that happened about a year and a half prior to the song being written, but it’s from the perspective of the present me.

I was really really into a girl who was also my best friend at the time
& who I still consider very close. She was going away to Australia for a semester abroad so I felt the need to tell her my feelings. Of course, she squashed my heart so heavy lol. The morning after that happened it seemed like the world was ending..


But from the perspective of a year and a half later,
we had picked up a little chemistry & had a couple drunk make outs lol. I almost fell back into my feelings, but thankfully we had a pre-emptive conversation beforehand. What was cool about the conversation and that whole situation was i realized that we were attracted to each other blah blah blah, but regardless if she ever felt the same way that i felt, i would love her regardless & be there for her regardless without being bitter & still being able to go find who i was really meant to be with. I do dive into a sort of weird fantasy on the track that just flowed onto the page lyrically, which had us being an old married couple drinking on the porch & getting a lil freaky. we’ve both changed a lot since all of this & I’m pretty far removed from those feelings in terms of our relationship

Creative process:

My dude Karsten & I got together for a writing session
where we both lived in south central LA, USC campus area. We had some weed & some beers & had a good time with it. I actually met Karsten while at an A&R internship at a major label

Karsten started playing this riff,
which is the acoustic riff that u hear on the track. i pulled out my notebook & caught the eye of some words that i had written recently about the girl i was talking about above. i just started singing the words over that riff & that first verse melody came pretty much instantly from what i can remember. That first session lasted like an hour tops and we wrote the entire skeleton of the song, which we recorded on one of our phones as a voice memo. We had about 3 or 4 recording sessions after that in which we made the beat together, each laid down our vocal parts & karsten did his guitar thing. The magician he is, K played the solo using a recently drank Dos Equis bottle as a slide. What a time

I must admit I dream about
us without a gran of doubt.
but i shrivel to a grain of sand
when i wake up to no miss calls.
i remember screaming out my pain & biting on my pillow
when my feelings remained & ur feeling stayed at zero.

Regarding my debut EP “codependent”:
As the old cliche goes, it’s meant to be heard however it’s heard man like I’m not gonna force my interpretations on anyone. That being said, I AM 100% telling a very specific story pertaining to my life. The EP runs like the preface to a novel I’m writing. Each song is a page so the story literally flips like a book.

It’s about a summer that I spent in a very intimate relationship
with someone who was suffering from some pretty severe mental habits. A lot of substance abuse was involved & definitely a lot of sex. The EP is about that relationship, the dark hole that i had to climb out of & slowly making myself back to the light.


I was born in Mexico city. I grew up in Dallas, Texas.
I lived in LA for 4 years & now I’m back in Dallas for a bit. I am definitely trying to make my way back to LA asap. It’s calling me.

Idk if you’ve ever seen the show Californication,
but i relate so much to the dude Hank Moody

I’ve interned at record labels, publicity companies,
management companies, written for a blog, played in a band, gone on tour as a tour manager. blah blah blah. U name it. I’ve done it all. I can tell u first hand the music business is full of horse shit & very little substance, but there’s a lot of good people in it too that dream big for noble reasons

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…

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