Helter Skelter by KingZiLLa, Blake hits it with deep tones of DUB-FUNK

Helter Skelter by KingZiLLa, Blake hits it with deep tones of DUB-FUNK

DUB-FUNK hits u again wit a view into what is going on around us in 2020.

Helter Skelter is the 2nd single off the record Gorilla Funk And Ice Cream Don’t Mix with deep tones of DUB-FUNK, but the dark tone in Helter Skelter puts u on edge so please keep your ear hole in check.

What has happen in 2020 so far is something no one would have dreamed HELTER SKELTER!

Get the scoop:

About the Artist…
After many years of being a professional drummer playing Funk, Rock, Country, Blues, Gospel, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop and two failed record deals I had to ask myself an important question, “What am I going to do now?”



Nicola of The Groove Cartel wrote: “Great tune, loved the rhythm as well as the vocal and the vibes. ”

Basshall Movement wrote: “Hi, thank you for the submission, track is dope and definitely a cool tune. Good luck with it, bless.”

Exotic of AFROBEATS wrote: “This is an interesting mix of influences. I’ve never heard music like this. It is unique, nice discovery.”

WPGM of Conversations About Her wrote: “I enjoyed the song alot you have some unique stuff going on here”.

Walde of Island Beats wrote: “Hey there. Thanks for sharing. Killer grove and powerful message! “.

Gab1995 of Uranium Waves wrote: “Hi, Nice job on this one. I listened twice as theres so much going on I didn’t feel like I got it the first time. “.