Much like Alice in Wonderland, A Song of the Night: Part I takes you on a journey down the rabbit hole of a sad and neglected child’s life experience.

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Band Name: Homerik

 The Mad Composer: Ken Candelas
The Daemon: Andrew Petriske
The Gatherer: Obed Gonzalez.

Song name: A Song of the Night: Part I
Music Genre: Symphonic Progressive Death Metal

This song is about the shocking fact that one in five girls and one in twenty boys are victims of child molestation in the United States alone.

Set in a Victorian-themed home, we listen to the cries of a young girl who fears the darkness in the corners of her room. Her sister sits next to her on her bed and sings to her a lullaby that their mother used to sing to them when they were infants; a soothing tune to wash away the night terrors from their embrace. To soften her worries, the older sibling hands her a teddy bear as soft as a summer breeze. It is unfortunate that this short-lived moment would fly away like the leaves of autumn trees.

All the while, the little sister’s imagination continues to see creatures. It’s significance represents the abusive father of the children; that in their own home they cannot escape the evil of their father’s nightly routine. It infects dreams and damages a child’s mental stability. It is through this dream that we experience the love of her guardian sister and the Heavy Metal overtones of her nightmare.

Much like Alice in Wonderland, A Song of the Night: Part I takes you on a journey down the rabbit hole of a sad and neglected child’s life experience. On the other side, she wakes to another moment in time. One that does not include her beloved sister, rather, a memory. As she looks into the eyes of her plush teddy bear she remembers that she is more powerful than the darkness. That she can light the candle and watch it burn through the night.

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My music is…
Dark, epic, brutal, theatrical and empowering are only a few among many other words to describe our music.

“Homerik” is a derivative of the word “Homeric”; a word that stands for something extremely grand and epic. This is the first chapter of a much bigger story. Something much more heinous. A Song of the Night represents the birth of evil, an evil within us that must be conquered. It is the anthem of darkness. Our story will intertwine with moments in history and songs inspired by myth and legend.

Our process has changed over the course of the years. In the beginning, Ken and Andrew were writing many times in the studio and at work in their day jobs. With Obed, we narrowed our writing process and we began to write more closely at home. We’d return to rehearsal to flush it out and come back to the composition for any changes in the arrangement at home.

Setting Goals… We set goals for ourselves to move forward. We also make it a point to commit to them. Consistency is key.

You have to grow in life and Homerik is a huge influence on our growth. It propels our ideas, our art, our music… it is what we include in everything that we do.

Influences… One of our biggest influences is Koji Kondo, the composer of video game themes like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. He once said that his process of creating music involved consistently listening to your song on repeat. If he kept repeating a song, and didn’t get tired of it, he was happy to continue flushing it out. Homerik lives in a constant flow of change in its development process. This is a strategy that we use for every step of the way.

We live in New York City. What Homerik seeks to accomplish is an opening statement to others. Unsatisfied with mainstream Metal and the massive amount of ‘regurgitated’ Metal, Homerik wants to invite others to look into the possibilities of Metal music.

It’s interesting to see how such a brutal and extreme genre can become something so beautiful in a new, unique way. Metal music is something teeming with life and not degraded with mediocrity.

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