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Live Discussion June 9 at 3pm est:

Join host Jacqueline Jax with special guest Youtube Master Advisor Amy Schmittauer about why you need to use Youtube for your Music & Branding Marketing.

Topics being discussed:

  • Why you need to be on Youtube

  • The fastest way to get started creating amazing video today

  • 5 Master Secrets you need to now to be successful on the Youtube network

  • Quick tips for helping your videos get more views


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Amy’s Top 10 Most Popular Videos Playlist:

Why you should hang out at Savvy Sexy Social

Marketing isn’t something we do. It’s something we are. The mission of Savvy Sexy Social is to empower brands to embrace their amazing personality and share it with the world!

Being personable, even as a brand has never been more important than it is today. Identifying your brand personality and allowing it to connect with your audience is a powerful first step in a successful business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big company, a small blog, or just a human being. We all somehow market ourselves to those around us. Social media and the Internet have made this increasingly easier for anyone to spread their message. I can’t get enough of it in my life whether I’m sharing about myself, my clients, or anyone I think deserves some extra attention. So I was inspired in 2011, to spread the message of social marketing with this blog.

Savvy Sexy Social was my first opportunity to have an outlet as a brand new full-time entrepreneur. I wanted to share my ideas and advice with the world in a way that would stand out, thus, the quick, consumable video content that helps brand learn how to live the marketing lifestyle without the usual talking head feel. Or at least that’s what the blog really is if you break it down.

You’ll see more about how we do things at Savvy Sexy Social on the Start Here page if you want to get acquainted but the main reason you should stick around is just to remind the instinct you’re having right now, as you read this, that you’re on the right path. You know there’s a better way to reach your audience and that’s why you’re here. You’re willing to try. You’re willing to measure. You’re willing to be the very best version of you and your brand as you speak and listen to your audience online. And I want to help you. That’s what this blog is all about and I promise to keep bringing the goods if you promise to keep executing.

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