Hot Topic Tuesday Marketing Webinar: Avoid a Death Valley Website


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Marketing Tip of the Day: Web Friendly Websites
No matter what the goal of your business’ website, personal blog or music site is, good design is essential to attracting viewers and keeping them interested. When designing your site, be sure to use clear navigation, avoid bright neon colors that disappear on white making it hard to read, and keep information clear, distinctive and short. Every word counts so you’ll want your text filled with rich key words that make sense without over stating your point. Since indexing web crawlers don’t recognize images, use only important images and make sure they are tagged in their saved titles. If you help your customers get what they want without overwhelming them, you will succeed in creative a web site where buyers and readers will be back for more. Want to see a great web site rich in key words, tagged photos and content? Check out the A.V.A Live Radio this month charting a hefty 41,000+ total page views on the site.

Marketing Tip of the Day : The Power of Permissions
Don’t underestimate the value of permissions marketing. In todays competitive online playing field, if you don’t get permission to be one of the select companies to contact a customer, your marketing strategy will go now where. As people get more computer savvy, spam filters and online viewer tolerance for the uninvited is reaching an all time high so if you want to get in touch with your people, be sure to get permission and spend time making every email count because we are only as interesting as our last email.

Marketing Tip of the Day: Measure Your Social Media Success
If you are using social media to promote your project, blogs, business or music you’ll want to make sure that your efforts are reaching a level of success. In order to measure your level of social media success on any of your posts, you’ll want to pay attention to your audience and their activity. That involves keeping track of how many followers you have and how often they share your content, enter a contest, or post a comment or review; it’s a clear sign of what resonates with your audience and more importantly what doesn’t. You should also compare popular times when most people are online and judge the responses accordingly. Over all, an increase in these numbers leads to better awareness about what your promoting.

Marketing Tip of the Day: No Death Valley Websites
Are you keeping your web site content up to date? Not staying up-to-date with news, blogs, etc is Death Valley for a web site. When you’re active on Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly updating stuff and doing more than enough. But if someone goes to your site and sees your last entry was posted over a year ago, they’re going to think you’ve got nothing going on and have abandoned your web page. If your actively working on your craft, there are always things to talk about. Think about adding a blog style profile page that links or feed to your front page and shares directly to your social media platforms. This way, you can post your updates on your web site first and share to social media from there like a spider web. Remember your social media pages do not belong to you and can be taken down at any time so start building your web site subscriber list now.

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