Hot Topic Tuesday: Music Marketing and Personal Branding

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hot topic tuesday brandingHere the show:

Join host Jacqueline Jax as she answers some of your most asked questions about personal branding and music marketing.

Michael : I’ve listened to the webnar 3 times and each time it has come back to my blogging abilities. Ms Jax to be honest I don’t know what I’m doing there. I have someone handling my website and keeping that where it’s supposed to be but blogging….. lol I don’t know whats interesting, what to write that will draw people in, and the rest that comes with that. I’ve been blogging every night through all of my site are synced there to reach FB, my web site and others. So when I blog it hits them all.

Jacqueline: Great question Michael.. I actually wrote about this once on the marketing tip of the day… We talk alot about how to market great content but rarely do I find anyone instructing on how to create excellent content that may be more attractive to your readers, friends, fans, etc. so here are some ideas for you.

1) Make it interactive. Include a quick poll relating to your industry topic. Allow your readers to participate and be heard. Don’t forget to include a share button to pass it along to a friend.

2) Share your views on topics. Industry related or other things. Express an opinion about your topic of interest, similar to what bloggers do. If your company has a blog, this is a great place to link to your latest post. If you have a music page, lead your topic into a reason to listen to one of your songs or watch your video. If you sell products, include a link where you can buy a product that supports your opinion…. listen to the show for more….

3) Have fun. Don’t make your news all about business 24-7. Share a joke, a funny picture or a funny story. If you a musician, share some pictures from your last recording session or performance and tell the story like a diary entry. If your a blogger, switch things up and be creative by writing about something whimsical that strikes your interest today. If your an artists, how about a cool how to or DYI Sunday project. You don’t have to share every day. Start with once a week and add in days as you get inspired.

4) Use a note pad during the week to jot down reminders of what you should talk about or get done during your update. That will help you save time, focus and stay motivated when it’s time to update.

Carrie -Ohio:
Hi Miss Jax. I love your show and have been trying to do my best to be more active in my pages. People have been trying to access my page from their phones and don’t get anything. Is there something I should be doing to make my web site able to be seen on mobile phones?

Jacqueline: Carrie you have a flash web site and you may not realize it when building with flash web tools but it doesn’t get seen by search engines well nor can you view it on phones so here are a few things to remember.

1) No Flash- Flash is cool in normal web browsers but it won’t display on many mobile devices. Try a wordpress page because its really easy to build in minutes, there is a music artists templets or hundreds of others and you can embed YouTube links and use a few brilliant images to make your statement.

2) Simplify Navigation- Links are not always easy to click on a smart phone, so keep your navigation simple.

3) Easy Read- try to keep the important information upfront and easy to find. Things like contact information, mission statements, product links or subscriber opt ins should be front and center.

These answers and more were covered on Today’s Hot Topic Tuesday.
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