Hot Topic Tuesday: Top 10 Tips For Making a Viral Video

Hot Topic Tuesday How to go viral

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Join host Jacqueline Jax and George Allen for a Hot Topic Tuesday discussion about what it takes to make a video go viral.. In case you didn’t already realize, viral videos are definitely what you should be shooting for when trying to build your brand and make yourself stand out from the crowd. If your super creative, then shoot for the stars and try to make all your videos go viral but to take some pressure off, let’s start with just one. If you have your own YouTube channel filled with great videos about your brand but your not getting the hits you need I have some fabulous tips to inspire you and get your videos competing against the odds.

1) Funny: funny is the leading trait of a viral video. Where other themes like cute, scary, weird and unusual may do well nothing inspires people to share like laughter. If you can make someone laugh, they can’t resist sharing that chuckle with their friends.

2) Eye Catching: the game is won or lost in the first few seconds so you’ll want to put your best foot forward in the beginning of your video to grab a viewers attention. Make it eye-catching and make sure it’s memorable.

3) Music- what’s a video without music? Even if your creation isn’t a music video, be sure to infuse it with music that supports the action. It sets the tone, supports your content, and keeps your viewer engaged.

4) Stunts: although very dangerous for novices to attempt. Stunts tend to do well. But let’s not get crazy. You don’t have to risk your neck for a stunt to be great. Enlist the professionals and only do what you know. FYI.. I am in no way recommending that you go out there and risk your life. Practice common sense and leave the really dangerous stuff on the green screen.

5) Reaction Videos on the fly: an honest and in the moment reaction makes a great video theme. Keep that camera ready for those opportunities when something is amusing. You may even want to plan a spoof or punk a friend. Just keep it honest and don’t encourage or support violence.

6) Pop Culture: Getting inspired by what’s happening in your own pop culture will always be a smart move especially if your theme has a shelf life. Although some pop culture references disappear quickly, many themes hold buzz for centuries and incorporating them into your video can work in two ways. 1- making your video more relatable to people who embraced that piece of pop culture 2- catching and riding a trend wave A few themes that have never passed and will always have a following are…. Star Wars, Star Track, Superman, Batman, South Park, The Beatles, Elvis, Ghost Buster,

7) Copy-cats: I couldn’t make a top 10 without addressing the copy cat ideas. Parodies, remixes, mash-ups definitely get attention when launched immediately after a viral video has sprung into the top spot. But if your going to do one, make sure you do it quickly. Once a video has achieved viral status, you’ll want to be one of the first to launch while the idea is hot so you don’t get lost in the mix or catch the video on its down cycle.

8) Originality: Most of the best videos that i have seen are born from original ideas. The concepts are simple and fresh being born in that moment the camera hits its subject. Seeing things through the creators eyes is what makes it so real, so incredibly interesting and fascinating to watch.

9) Chemistry: Many times when your watching a video that’s hilarious there’s a comical chemistry between the participants. This chemistry that exists in its natural state makes the video what it is.

10) Lack of Planning: Over planning can kill a video. Any time situations occur and people go back to try to recreate the situation, they take away the most important elements that make a video outstanding. There is no word for it but it’s a combination of my previous points I’m giving you here today. So keep your cameras and your phones on and in that moment, is really where the most viral videos are born.

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  1. This was timely and nice! I’m preparing to shoot a music video with my record label in, believe or not, Mustang, Oklahoma! It’s my prayer the recovery and rebuilding is moving ahead for the great people of this area. The producer, my manager, myself were all brain storming on the first few seconds of the video and the video itself! I learned from my advertising classes that you really only have the first 10 seconds when it comes to garnering one’s attention. Whether it’s a job interview or what ever it may me be. That’s a very short time! This presentation is GREAT! To get a head start on what to do or hold the magic bullet be fore you start should give me a great start before even shooting the music video. Thanks for the show Ms. Jax!

    Michael Egleton

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