Marketing Tip of the Day: Bring in 7 Million Views With The Advertainment Marketing Strategy That’s Sweeping The Nation


marketing-tip-of-the-day-2Creating advertising that fascinates and entertains people is a huge challenge but it’s also an incredible opportunity to grab the attention of millions over night. Today’s audience is hard to please and even harder to get the attention of. Even more so with Teens and young adults. These fast moving, game addicted groups definitely don’t want to be advertised to; they demand interesting, funny, captivating, fascinating, and compelling media creations.

So what’s the strategy that’s sweeping the nation? Well it’s right under your nose and has been for year. It’s in every Super Bowl add, it’s having a wardrobe malfunction on stage, it’s landing on the moon, it’s naked on the news, it’s jumping from a plain, it’s a slam dunk, it’s on your phone, it’s on your mind, it’s making you laugh. Confused? Intrigued? Well let me explain how it works.

This high bred advertising I’m talking about is called Advertainment.
Advertainment can be seen as a simple paid product placement in a TV show, video game, sport event, entertainment show, talk show, music video, YouTube video or movie. Some happen by chance but most are designed and created to show you a product or brand while entertaining you in a memorable way.

Think about the Toby Keith’s Red solo cup song at the CMAs, or the blaring red Coca-Cola cups on American Idol’s judges’ table. How about the American Idol car videos? A branded segment disguised as a music video. How about the Evian “Live Young” videos or the Old Spice “Responses” videos. And who can forget those super bowl commercials??

Video is a great way to bring attention to a business or product, strengthen a brand and start a viral chat.

How do you measure the popularity of a fascinating Advertainment? These campaigns are measured on a “True Reach” basis, according to Brian Shin from By True Reach, he includes the original clips that the brands and agencies upload as well as the clips audiences copy, mix, mash, spoof and repost across the web.

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Examples of Advertainment

Evian’s “Live Young.


Old Spice Responses – This campaign received 5.9 million YouTube views in the first day.


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